Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holidays, a New Year and Changes :)

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope this holiday season has been a beautiful one for you!

We had a really nice holiday; it wasn't really as stressful at all.  I saved up and just bought everything online, so the presents came to me, rather than me running out grabbing presents.  This year was almost weird… on Amazon you can create "wish lists" and everyone in my family created their own, so basically I just went through, clicked, bought, received and wrapped.  It felt a little cold and so I decided to find something I thought each person would like, just to put a little more thought into it!

My daughter, Sara came up with her fiance', Brad and brought her Christmas present with her - a Corgi pup.  I've never seen anything cuter in my life.  His name is Hayworth and he's 10 weeks old.  Looks just like a stuffed animal, truly!  Here's Hayworth:

I know, right?  And I can't leave out my first grand-dog, Sophie who came up with them, too.  Sophie did NOT like our Maggie and I was afraid Maggie would smoosh Hayworth, so Maggie had to sit in her crate for a bit.  Poor baby!

So, it was a lovely Christmas!

Now for the changes.

During my time off, I realized that I really need to change some things regarding my work as a medium and my other new love/work silversmithing/jewelry.  Last year felt so unorganized, draining and chaotic.  (Me thinks that's the case for many people, though).  I realized I needed to change things a bit when speaking with a close friend of mine telling her I had spent ALL day in my workshop making this one ring and it was labor intensive.  She asked me if I had enjoyed myself in doing so, and I immediately said, "every single minute of it!"  Soooo….

1. My services.
I've decided to take off "channeled guidance" from my services.  For one, guidance normally comes in anyway during sessions - both from my guides and also from your spirit people.  My sessions are usually a mix, but I'm finding more and more that clients who choose the channeled guidance option are expecting me to foretell their future, or tell them what IS going to happen, or IF they are GOING to get this job or that job, etc.   Basically, they want me to get ANSWERS from the guides and truthfully, it doesn't work that way.  It's incredibly draining to explain over and over and over that this isn't what they do or what I do.  I didn't feel guided into this work to be a "fortune teller" nor a counselor, which is what I feel like much of the time, now.  That said, I know it's been hard in the last few years for so many, and I've tried to help as much as I can, but I'd really like to get back to what I originally loved so much - pure mediumship - connecting to your wonderful people in spirit for evidence and any messages THEY wish to convey.

2. My hours.
I'm noticing the older I get, the more drained I am after sessions.  It may be because of the above scenario, but I also notice that I can only manage 2 full sessions a day, or 3 half hour sessions and not every day anymore.  I also want to work-in more workshop/studio time to learn and work on more silversmithing techniques, etc., so I'll be on a more limited schedule.  This being said, I'm always willing to work in a client according to their schedule if I can.

3. My in-person sessions.
I've decided (at least for now) not to renew my lease at my Manassas office in September, which means I won't be taking in person appointments, or at least not as often as I am now.  I may set up a Saturday once or twice a month at a local hotel to see clients in-person, but I'm not sure yet.  I may also change my mind, LOL, but as nice as it is, I'm not comfortable in my office space and really don't want to renew my lease with them again.  I also don't want to move again… gah… this is probably my 9th office in 14 years…. seriously.  LOL.  So, I will let you know!

4. My clients.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of my clients, but I've realized that there are some that just don't need another reading from me… OR, I know too much about them/their people in spirit, etc.  So, if you call for a session and I say that I really don't think I'm the medium for you any longer, PLEASE don't be offended.  I have a few friends who are awesome mediums that I'd be happy to refer you to, but again, please don't feel like I don't want to read for you, not at all…. it's just time.  :)

So, overall, I'm cutting back, or should I say streamlining my work… and on that note, hopefully my waistline… haha.  Yep, you'll notice some changes, but I am not planning to quit my work as a medium any time soon, I just want to get back to my roots as I really do love helping people and spirit people!  I hope you understand!

Many Blessings to you for 2012,
With love,


  1. Life is too short - do what you love and follow your dreams! You offer wonderful insight and beautiful jewelry. I personally like the jewelry inspired by spirit or the jewelry that honors loved ones Barb. Keep up the good work and best wishes for a wonderful 2012!
    BTW, what a cute pooch!!

  2. Happy New Year and congrats on downsizing/cutting back we all need to do the same!

    Peace & Love

  3. Thanks, guys! Peace & love back!

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