Monday, January 28, 2013

No, You're Not Crazy...

Does this sound familiar?

"I think I'm losing my mind!  There are crazy things going on in my home and I don't know what to make of it.  My child's toys go off by themselves, the TV goes on and off by itself and I just feel like I'm being watched.  It is really scaring me.  Is there something negative in my house?  Or, is it one of my passed family members trying to warn me about something?"

I get emails and questions about this constantly, and unfortunately, some of the first thoughts people have when whacky things happen in their home are, "it's eeeeevil," or "something bad is going to happen to me, and they're trying to warn me.”

Truly, more times than not, it's just simply spirit people saying "hello.”  They won't try to scare us; however, if we aren't used to typical spirit activity, it can be rather spooky. If you feel you have any energy in your home (spirit people OR something more negative), the first thing to do is to tell it to please stop.  I always prefer to treat them with respect and to ask them to stop (or leave) in a loving, but firm tone.  If it's a spirit person, they will not want to scare us and will normally comply.

When one has "activity" in their home, it's typically something called "After Death Communications" or ADC's.  ADC's are very common, but again, if we aren't used to the activity, it can be a bit unnerving, to say the least!

What constitutes typical spirit activity?  Well, before I answer that, anything mentioned below should be checked into; i.e., rule out the physical reasons these things could be happening before deeming it spirit activity.  Many times, folks will have plumbing problems which makes thumping sounds in the walls, or electrical issues that need to be looked into, broken thermostats, and so on.  :) 

Back to typical spirit activity:  Because spirit energy is electromagnetic energy, they can easily manipulate electrical things such as the volume on your TV or the channels, computers, light bulbs or lights, clocks, radios, etc. You may notice a light bulb dimming or flickering when talking about a deceased loved one, or your cell phone may suddenly ring with no one on the other end and no caller ID (it would sound different than a typical hang up). Spirit can give you a waft of a scent you would associate with them such as a specific perfume, flower, cigar or cigarette smoke, etc. If a spirit person cooked eggs every morning routinely, you may smell eggs out of the blue. You may catch streams of light or mists in photos you've taken at family gatherings or even around your home.  You may hear his or her voice in your head suddenly as if you're reading a book to yourself, or you may hear your name being called (within your head or even outside of it - everyone hears them differently). You may FEEL someone behind you or even catch a form in your peripheral vision, yet turn around and no one is there. You may feel them go "through" you. You may even have small things move or fall off of counters, or, (and this is the most common), you may dream vivid dreams about your spirit people. Dreams which are clear and vivid and "feel" as if they really happened are very many times connections. 

Our spirit people will give us many little subtle signs to let us know they're around us; we just have to be aware enough to catch it, and most importantly, not chalk it off to our imagination (or worry that it's something eeeeevil!).

On that note, this is not to say that negative and/or stagnant energy doesn't exist; it does, but it's much more uncommon.  If you do feel you have an negative energy in your home that you've asked to leave but it hasn't, remember YOU are always in control. Deal with it non-emotionally and firmly (they can feed off fear). Put your foot down, and respectfully insist they leave - it's your home.  My suggestion would be to do a spiritual home cleansing/blessing which I would be happy to send you if you add your email info below (or, you can write me at

Hope this helps!

Have a great evening!

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