Sunday, March 13, 2016

Last Newsletter Post Response & Available Appointments

Hi everyone!

So, this is my second post of the day... I'm trying to get re-familiarized with Blogger, so bear with me!  First, I'm trying to "pretty" up my blog site, so it's a work in progress.  :D  It only took me 3 hours to make a header, lol.  Now, I think I want to change it already. :/  

UPDATE at 11:30pm:  Just did.  I'm OCD, you know.  lol.  I think I like the new header and background better.  :D

Second, I've had many people respond to my newsletter looking for an appointment.  Thank you so much for your interest!  The April 6 date has been taken, so as of now, I am completely booked through April 30. I'm taking the month of May off completely, but WILL be booking clients for June and after.  If you're interested in an in-person session, please give me a call sometime in May and we can see where we can put you in!

And finally, I've had so many sweet emails and comments saying that they were sad and felt this was "the end of an era."  Seriously... quite a few!  So heartwarming - thank you, truly.  Just cutting way back, folks, and changing the way I book and connect with you.  Shifting the energy to better align with where I am now.  :)

Have a wonderful week and talk soon!

Oh, here's a pic of the Madam's feet and bunny butt... you're welcome!  :D  Have a great evening!

-Barb  xx

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