Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Little Update...


SOOO, I realized that I haven't blogged in a bit and here it is a month later!

Not much really going on except that I've been really busy with clients since this is my last month working as a medium "full-time."  It's interesting the responses I've been getting... some clients have been really supportive and happy that I'll get to spend much more time working with my jewelry.  Others have been rather upset at me.  I've had a few people say, "WHY won't you share your gift anymore?  How can you do that?"  Well, thank you, but I AM and will be!  I just find that the older I get, the less energy I have to do sessions.  Other people have been really irritated that they can't call to book until the end of May or so.  Truth is, I don't want to even think about work for about a month and this is why I've asked for folks to call me later in May.  Mama just needs a break.  :)  Plus, I'm not totally sure about my schedule yet.  I've had people ask me if I can put them on the list to book first or can they pay now to get a session earlier.  Nope.  Just please call me in late May, thanks!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my clients and the work I do, I just need to clear my head a bit.  Thank you so much for understanding.  :)

One thing I meant to mention is that I AM still selling my gift certificates, so if you want to purchase one for someone, you can do so from my site.  There is a 6 month expiration date, so make sure they know not to wait until the 5 month mark or so to book.  And again, if you purchase one, just call me at the end of May, lol.  Also, you will notice that my fee had gone up a bit.  I haven't raised my reading fees for about 8 - 9 years and because I'll have such limited spaces, I felt I had to a bit.  I'll be doing 45-60 minute sessions at $200, and 30 minute sessions at $150.

On the jewelry side of things, I'm finding that it's harder to get into shows being a jewelry person!  There are SO many jewelers that you have to apply really early, otherwise they just have too many jewelry vendors and shows won't take you.  Hmmm... well, at least I learned early.  I'll need to apply now for the Holiday shows.  I can't wait, though.  They are so fun!

For those of you who are local, I'll be at the Reston Market every other Saturday or so from 9 - 1pm.  This is a really cool market with tons of artsy things from all over.  It runs from May 7 to November 5.  Here's a bit from their website ( :

The Reston Market runs every week from the 1st Saturday of May through the 1st Saturday of November. Join us for an eclectic gathering of the best the region has to offer, from the freshest locally grown produce at the Farmers Market to the exotic imports from all over the world!

So, if you're local, come by and see me!  I will have a reserved space, but will not be there every single week, especially if it's pouring or really hot, so just pop me an email and I'll let you know if I'll be there.  :)

Oh, and you can now find me at SIMPLY...!  Much easier than trying to find me on Etsy!  Stop by and check out the new pieces I have listed!  :)

Thats all for now!  Hoping you are all doing great!

Happy Thursday!
~Barb xx

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