Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jammin' Java August 7 & Extending My Sale!

Hi there!

Just a real quick update to let anyone local know that I will be at Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA on Sunday, August 7 from 2 - 8 selling my jewelry. This is a great venue (music, yummy food, bar, etc.) and the event not only supports the local art/music community, but proceeds from the ticket sales will be going to The Water Project!

The Water Project's efforts allow more time for children to get an education and creates time to make a living instead of spending hours fetching water, which creates a brighter future.  It prevents diseases from dirty water, improving health, and allows food to grow, which cuts down on hunger.

In order for me to be allowed to participate, I need to sell at least FIVE tickets which are only $5.00/ea, so please consider purchasing a ticket(s) online, helping an awesome cause, having some yummy food and meeting a bunch of artisans/musicians, etc!  I'll also have new pieces of my sterling silver hand made jewelry available for purchase!  :)

You can find out more information on The Water Project here.

*PLEASE let me know if you've purchased tickets so I can let the organizer know, thank you!*

I've also extended my Fourth of July sale to Friday, so take advantage of that coupon code JULY4 soon if you like something from my shop!  If you use the coupon code at checkout, you get 15% OFF any piece!  

Thanks for reading and hope to see some locals on August 7!  :D

Barb xx


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