Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finally Getting My Act Together

Well, hi!  Happy SPRING!

I LOVE this time of year, especially here in Virginia.  It's so beautiful and bright green… you know, all that new growth on the shrubs, trees and grass, etc.   If you look closely, you'll see all these pretty tiny white flowers in the woods.  From far away, it looks like snow.  We've been watching for new baby squirrels, and have already seen Rocky Raccoon and Mr. Possum make their return.  CANNOT wait to clean up the grill and hang out on the back deck.  Most of my herbs are re-emerging when I thought they were dead, so I'm just too happy.  I love my herbies…. need to plant my basil, and will soon, yay!

So, I've finally started planning events for this year… only about 3 months late, but I'm getting there!  I have my hotel dates booked for my two Psychic Development workshops, two mediumship demonstrations, and our FOURTH annual Halloween event.  Still in planning mode and will be adding new events soon!

So far:

Mediumship Demonstration April 28 - 6 - 8pm
I am going to donate a percentage of the proceeds to a local animal rescue.

Mediumship Demonstration - May 12 - 6 - 8pm
This will be a fundraiser for Relay For Life.  More details coming soon!

Psychic Development Workshop Series - May 5 and May 12

Fourth Annual Double Medium Halloween Event - Oct. 27 - 6 - 9:30 pm.
More details coming soon!

If you'd like more info on any of these events, you can go HERE.

Other than that, we saw The Hunger Games (LOVED!  If you saw it, did you like it?  Were you lucky enough to NOT see it with a theater full of rude-arse teens?  Did you read the books?  Loved the books more!).  I've been fusing silver like crazy, drawing out some designs and watching for more wild animals in my back yard.  :)  ...cue Australian accent, "Barb's Back Yard" as my daughter, Sara jokes.

I'll have a WHOLE week off next week during spring break, so look for more jewelry.  :)  Anything you'd like me to make?  :)

Have a lovely week!


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