Thursday, April 5, 2012

Boring Spring Break

It's Spring Break this week, and I am LOVING being off.  I always take off this week because the kids are home from school and I guess it's just an excuse to take off!  :)  We never go anywhere, but always want to, and with the exception of my husband, we all get to sleep in and be a little lazy.

It's nearly impossible for us to travel, anyway, especially with a pet rat.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true.  Rats are very sociable, and you can't just dump a bunch of seeds on the cage floor and leave for a few days like you can with mice or hamsters.  Well, I suppose you could, but it'd be cruel.  Rats really shouldn't even be in the rodent family; like dogs, they are incredibly social creatures and need to get out for "free roam" time at least an hour a day or they become very grumpy.  :)  They also require fresh food (veggies, meats, fruit) twice a day and lots of warm voices saying hello to them.  They don't live very long, normally 3 years, and you tend to get incredibly attached to them, as they do to you in that very short amount of time.  Currently, we have a little (well, now fat) white pink-eyed rat named Sadie.  We bought her after our rat, Penny passed away in March of '11 because Penny's sister, Abbey was really depressed about losing her sister.  Abbey was an older rat and very set in her ways and refused to get along with Sadie.  So, we kept them separated and in November, we also lost Abbey.  Getting back to my point, Sadie was neglected at the pet store, so she's very skiddish and would not be easy for someone to watch for a few days if we were to go away.

And then there's Maggie, our new lab/pit bull mix who loves to try to sneak out and prefers inhalers over chew toys.  VERY high maintenance and cannot be left alone in the house without being crated. The only way to go away would be to put her in a kennel for a few days and she already howls when I leave her to go to the grocery store!  HOW can I do that to her???  Oy.  So, we've accepted the fact that we just can't travel much right now… at least not until little Sadie leaves us and then we can try for pet friendly hotels for Maggie… maybe.  :)

So, no travel this week… and the week has gone by FAST.  I spent Monday and Tuesday making silver jewelry (I am OBSESSED with making rings, lately!) and yesterday was all about catching up with emails, paying bills, etc.  Today?  It's already 1pm and I'm still in PJ's… :)  I somehow hurt my toe and am contemplating seeing a doctor, but I think it's gradually getting better.  It's a beautiful day, so I may take the dog for a walk if it doesn't hurt the toe… and maybe go out and clean up the back yard.  My herbs are all coming back and looking beautiful.  Need to check on the hastas… am I boring you yet?  I'm boring myself with this post.  zzzzzzzzz….

Anywhoooo, just a quick update!  :)  Have a great day!


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