Friday, April 13, 2012

Today's Unusual Spirit Communication

Anyone who knows me knows that once I'm "off" as a medium, I'm off.  Period.  End of story.  I normally do not like to be nudged by a spirit during my off time and so I have made it "the deal" since I've been working as a professional medium (now about 14ish years).

Recently, I've relaxed this rule a bit - not sure why; maybe a little nudge by my guides that those on the other side need more opportunities?  But this morning, I had a very unusual thing happen…

My son wasn't feeling well, so I allowed him to stay home for a few hours and told him I would drop him off a little late on my way to the office.  Since I didn't have to get his lunch ready right away, I decided to take a small nap until it was time to get up and get ready for clients.

While I was slipping off to sleep, I was jolted by a male voice saying to me, "I died of lung cancer."  Whaaaa?  Who the heck was this?  So, I start talking to him… "and?"  He's sitting at the end of my bed - a lean or frail older man blowing cigarette smoke circles in the air.  I also smelled a hint of cigar or pipe.  He said that he was worried about his family because they "still grieve."  I said that people tend to grieve for a very long time, sometimes all their life and he said, "no, they grieve not because of my passing, but because all that I went through during my illness… they dwell on how sick I was, how sorry they were, how they wish I hadn't had to go through that, how long it took… "  "Oh" I said.  He wanted me to tell the family that he was free of that illness and not to think of him that way - to think of him when he wasn't ill and that he's at peace now.  He mentioned the name Charlie (not sure if it was his name or a connection) and I told him if I came across the person who needed to hear the message, I'd tell them.

I thought that was the end of it.  Nope.  Next I see a short round lady with dark hair and in a very LOUD and, ahem, obnoxious voice, said "IT'S SKY HIGH!"  I jumped…. "what is?"  "Blood pressure" she says.  Then she was gone.

Again, another person made an appearance.  This time it was a man who was killed in a war.  He was in his 30's and was lean and good looking with a very charismatic demeanor.  He had been in an explosion and had severe head trauma… he said it another way, which I won't say here.  He said he had left his wife and kids at home - I believe there were two small children.  He also said the name Ronald or Donald - not sure if that was his name or he was connected to that name somehow.  He wanted to say hello to his family and reassure them he was ok, and, that he knew it was hard raising the kids alone.  Again, I said I'd give the message if we found the person who needed to hear it.

Lastly, I heard this very sweet voice say, "Susan."  I said, "ok, now who's this?"  Suddenly it occurred to me that I KNEW this voice and I racked my brain trying to figure it out.  She was sweet with a big smile, a little insecure but that voice… who was it?  Suddenly I remembered the voice and it was exact.  It was my daughter's aunt Sue who passed not long ago.  She came into focus and looked MUCH different than the last time I saw her… she looked exactly as vibrant as she did when I first met my ex-husband back in the early 80's.  She didn't say anything, but I knew this was how she was now and was a message in itself… she was happy, healthy and vibrant again.

I finally fell asleep and went into the office later.  Again, the first man who had lung cancer came in before my clients had arrived.  I wrote a few more details down (pocket watch, merry go round, popping his teeth out, lively, etc.), and called my clients in.  Two other spirit people came through first, and then the man started pointing at the notes I'd written, so I knew he was back.  It turned out that it was my clients' grandfather… she understood almost all of it and it turns out the rounder loud lady wasn't a spirit person, but was a person he was connected to still alive who has a myriad of health problems.  He presented her that way - loud and obnoxious to identify her.  My client laughed because it summed her up perfectly.  I told them to make sure she was watching her blood pressure…

So those messages were passed on.  The other client was fairly sure that the man who died in the war was from her father in law, Donald's family.  He had many brothers and she thought there was a story of one who passed in a war.  We shall see.

I posted this because even though most was validated, I still have this weird feeling it could also be for someone reading this…. sometimes more than one person will understand a message - spirit has a very cool way of working and getting their "hello" out to their loved ones here.   Don't strive to make things fit, but if it makes sense, take it as a hello.  Please let me know if you do understand anything by leaving a comment below!  It was SUCH a unique occurrence, so I had to share.

Have a great weekend!


  1. you're a great teacher Barb. Validation and okayness with something that happened to me the last two days. Now I know to stop second-guessing and simply pass the message on. Thanks

  2. Wow! I hung on every word whilst reading, thanks so much sharing your gift with others. A few of my girlfriends and I are going to come and see you soon and if they wussy out I'll be coming alone. Very much looking forward to meeting you~

  3. Trying to get myself together and then hopefully within the next month.