Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Online Booking Open Again!


Just a reminder! Online booking is open again - no more waitlist! You can easily book via my website at and the wait isn't that long, either!

New options...

I'm offering slightly later hours on Tuesday's for clients who would like to see me after work so my hours will be Friday's from 3pm - 5:30pm and Tuesday's from 5pm - 7pm.

I am also offering 30-minute mediumship sessions again, so if you've had a session with me before and understand and know the process of my readings, this may be something you would especially be interested in. If you haven't ever had a session with a medium, I would definitely suggest the longer session.

I am offering:
30 Minute and 45/60 Minute mediumship sessions
30 Minute and 45/60 Minute guidance/Tarot sessions
Groups (4 - 6 participants)
45/60 Minute mentoring sessions

At this time, only in-person appointments are available, but I may be offering Skype or FaceTime sessions in the future. :) I will be announcing these such sessions here and on my FaceBook page.

As far as jewelry news, I have four shows coming up for you local folks! I will be at the following Holiday/Fall shows:

*October 7 - Manassas Fall Jubilee
*November 4 - W.T. Woodson HS Holiday Happenings
*November 11 - Robinson HS Marketplace
*December 3 - Herndon Holiday Show

Please come by and see me!  :)  As always, you can find all of my jewelry at

That's all for now.  Hoping you are all doing well and if you're local, you're enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures!

Barb xx

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