Thursday, August 10, 2017

Overdue and Long Update (sorry!)

Hi everyone!

Warning: long post!  

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far! It's been a somewhat quiet summer for us with a few exceptions. Everyone here is doing well and doing our own thing. The boys have been working their PT summer jobs, having their Monday "game night" with their friends, and helping around the house after sleeping in until early afternoon, haha. I've been the chauffeur for the most part since both are still learning how to drive. I am NOT a good driving teacher, so my car time with them is limited to roads that go 45mph and lower, lol. The hubs has to be the one to take them on the highways. That's coming soon, so watch out if you're local! :D  

Bren is starting his senior year in just a few weeks. Our county is starting school one week earlier this year, so summer is almost over for him! It's breaking my heart all over the place since he's the last one of my kids in school. He is very involved with music and the production part of theater, so I'm sure he'll be busy with a lot of musicals and plays this year along with his lovely girlfriend, Kaili.

Brady is starting back up at NOVA next week studying history and French. He really wants to work in a museum or be a history teacher some day and I know he can do it. He's smart as a whip with anything history or politics related. We have daily discussions about current politics, "Oh, yeah mom, did you see (insert daily crazy/scary political news here)?" Our other big discussion subject is Game of Thrones. After asking our Game of Thrones friends if it was worth watching SIX seasons of the show to catch up and start the new season in July, and who all responded with a resounding YESSSS, we did it. It took two full weeks of 4 or so episodes a night, but we did it! Brady was curious and watched a few and was so intrigued, he got hooked and finished it in about half the time, staying up until 6am (it IS summer, so...). So many discussions about upcoming shows and theories.

My grandboo, Foster, my daughter Sara and her hubs Brad are doing well, too! "Pappy" and I have a weekly FaceTime with them and it's so fun! He'll go and draw a picture for "Mimi" or run to get a fizzy water out of his fridge as I'm drinking mine. He's so cute and growing so fast! He loves his corgi "puppy" and loves to completely tire out his mom and dad. LOL. Mike has so much fun collecting little weird toys and sends them off to him every once in a while. He'll come home with some random dollar store toy and I'll give him the "what's this, ohhhh it's for Boo" look. We're hoping to go see them soon as soon as I figure out my fall show schedule. I think it's pretty solidified and I'll pop it on here below.

Bunny is doing awesome (shedding like crazy!) and currently is totally flipped on her right side sleeping with her legs sticking straight out. This is a common look for buns called a "flop" but it's the cutest and scariest thing in the world! I always have to check her breathing! Sammy is doing great, too and is his normal ornery self! Maggie is finally going in tomorrow am to have a golf ball sized mass removed from her right shoulder. The surgery is EX.PEN.SIVE so we had to save up. It's been there for three years and the two doctors that have seen her didn't know what it was but deemed it non-cancerous. I wasn't really worried about it until she started scratching at it a few months ago and had it rechecked with a different/better doctor. She and I decided it needed to be removed and then tested, but that she didn't see any cancerous cells. She's also having dental work done. Our Maggie is 7 and while I can't wait to get that thing off of her, I am worried. She'll be in some pain, I'm sure, so it'll be a stressful weekend for her. Keep her in your thoughts tomorrow... at least I get to bring her home tomorrow night. :)

One of the few exceptions to our quiet summer...

On July 27 I got a call from my brother in law in California saying that my mother had collapsed and was taken away with no pulse by ambulance. About a 1/2 hour later he told me that she had passed away. I didn't post this on any social media because it was and continues to be an emotionally weird thing for me. As most of you probably know, I was estranged from my mother and hadn't spoken to her in probably 5 or so years. She and I did not have a normal relationship... ever, so as comforting as it would have been to have a long stream of condolence-type remarks, I didn't think it was appropriate for me to post because I wasn't grieving the way I would if we had been really close. Does that make sense? I wasn't feeling a huge loss, per se', but I was and am feeling a gamut of emotions. The first, when I first heard was anger towards her... like really angry because I never had a warm mother-daughter relationship with her like so many lucky people I know have had. Then I felt really sorry for her and for some aspects of her life. Then sad, then anger again or confusion about what I'm supposed to feel. So weird. I'm working on this and trying to focus on the positive time we did have... about 10 years out of my 52 where we had a pretty nice - yet guarded on my end - relationship where she was able to be Neema to my kids, came to visit, etc. I don't feel like now, I missed the chance to make our relationship better and that's that. Truthfully, it was never going to change... my emotional "cap" had topped off about 5 years ago and I just had zero left. Now I find myself sitting up late at night in the quiet talking to her about all of those above-stated emotions and other things. I know she hears me and understands at a completely different level now. I think that's ok. :)

Anywhoo... I should wrap this up. I'll leave you with some quick business updates:

1. If you don't already know, I am now booking online again. No more waitlist! I think I'm now booked through 1/2 of September, but here's the link:

2. UPDATE: Now sold out! I have ONE spot left for my Beginner's Psychic Development workshop on August 27 at 11am. If you'd like to learn more or know of someone who wants to attend, here's the link:

3. So far, I have five fall festivals lined up where I'll be selling my jewelry from my shop:

*September 16 & 17 - The DC Flea at the Dulles Expo Center
*October 7 - Manassas Fall Jubilee
*November 4 - W.T. Woodson HS Holiday Happenings
*November 11 - Robinson HS Marketplace
*December 3 - Herndon Holiday Show

That's all for now!  Hope you have a wonderful August!

Barb xx

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