Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost Lost Maggie...

… in one way or another.  What a horrible day, but all is well now.

Bren and I were on our way to the Apple store yesterday and Maggie hates it when I, especially, leave.  She's very attached to us all, but especially me because I'm home with her 24/7, pretty much.  She was very anxious as I was getting ready and I knew that Mike would need to hold her as we were leaving so she wouldn't get out.  She gets antsy when I'm getting ready… she knows I'm about to leave and always wants to go with me.

That said, she has never, ever tried to get out.  Ever since we've had her.

While Mike was walking towards the door to hold her as we were leaving, Bren tried to hold her collar instead and Maggie squirmed out of his hands and out the door.  She BOLTED across our very busy road and by some miracle, wasn't hit by the numerous speeding cars that are normally there.  Remember, this is the road where a few of my sweet squirrels have met their demise and here was our beautiful Maggie flying across.  At this time, there was nothing driving by... thank God… Bren chased her screaming her name and I was trying to run screaming her name, thinking all along about the few people I know who have lost their dog in the same way… bolting out the door and getting hit by a car.  I about threw up while tears were streaming down my face.  Our new amazing baby, Maggie running like a gazelle across one busy street  towards a very, very busy road just past the school.  I thought she was dead, for sure.

My ankles completely gave out in the flats I was trying to run in.  I felt like those nightmares where you're trying to run but everything is moving in slow motion - it was awful.  I was hysterical trying to run after Maggie and Bren but nothing was happening.  My husband, in his bare feet, was trying to run behind me and I heard him yell to go get the car.  I jumped in with my lungs burning like crazy and started driving around the school, crying, praying and looking.  I don't know how many Archangels I called on for help, but I know it was a lot.

I drove and looked and looked and drove and hysterically rounded the corner back to my house when the sudden massive feeling came over me of, "hey, chill…she's ok, she's OK!"  It was the same feeling I had when I freaked out about our whole family flying to California.  Suddenly, when nearing the airport, all was well.  It just was.  I always tell my clients it's that BLAH knowing.  Yesterday it was, "CHILL… SHE'S OK."  I took a deep breath and kept driving, and thank God, a few blocks down the road I saw my husband, son and our beloved Maggie all together.  I found out later that Bren and I were asking for the same Archangels to protect her and STOP her from running.  Apparently, it worked.

So, now, we don't trust her.  Period… until after obedience training, which will now be soon, and then I still won't quite trust her.  Phew.

Breathing a sigh of relief…  :)  Hug your pups and enjoy your night!

A bad but safe Maggie… 


  1. Barb- I just read your entry- Very scary when our canine kids run after something. Franklin and Dolly would happily dash after bunnies and squirrels. Yup- training is really important. At least Dolly Stops when I yell "Stop." Franklin didn't have training, and it shows! Glad everyone is safe. Whew. Rob

  2. Hey Rob! Yep, you know my first thought as she bolted was your Buzz…. I was hysterical, truly. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I don't know how you got through it all with Buzz. Honestly. Phew.