Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunny Saturday

This may sound like a strange way to start a blog post, but today has been just a really pleasant day.  I guess that's actually a good way to start a blog post, derrr!  :D

I woke up reallllllllly sleepy, but as I opened the curtains, the… whaaaa???? …the SUN was out!  After quite a few days of torrential rain and flooding…

… there was SUN!  A little sun sure does go a long way attitude wise, sheeze!  Anywhoo, the nice husband brought me home Starbucks (see?  a good day!) and some McDonalds for the boys.  Today is my youngest son's 12th birthday and he demanded that he wake up to McDonalds, LOL… so it was done, young grasshoppahhh.  :D

Got ready and went to meet one of my best clients for a session.  She always brings me a gift (those are my favorite clients, too!).  This time, she brought me a little painted sand dollar from the beach.  Too sweet.

Came home and since it was soooo beautiful out, I immediately grabbed the dog and took her for a nice walk.  I swear, the sun was so bright, and the breeze was just perfect.  Chilly in the shade, warm in the sun.  The colors of the trees were absolutely decadent with reds, oranges and yellows and as walked by they looked like they were waving as the wind blew through them.  I don't think I can recall a more beautiful day in a while.

Since the sun was out, I finally had a chance to snap photos of my 4 new necklaces.  The black onyx/moonstone one has been sold, but the others are up in my Etsy Store! 

I'm so in the mood to make more jewelry tonight, but it's birthday day, and there will be two kids coming over for a birthday sleepover in the next hour… read hyper boys and NO SLEEP.  Tomorrow is the Redskins/Eagles game, so I'm ready to listen to the husband yelling at the TV up here while I work in my basement studio.  Heh.

OH!  And we literally have 10 seats left for our Halloween event… I can't believe how fast it's filled up this year!  Anyone know where I can find a quality Gypsy Fortune Teller costumer?  It's either that or just wear a pretty tiara.  Emm... that would be with clothes.  LOL!!!  :D

Enjoy your weekend; what will you be doing?


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