Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Bit of a Roller Coaster Week...

This has been a tough week.  Pretty much an emotional and physical roller coaster so I haven't felt the inspiration to blog or make much jewelry, even.  We've all had that weird stomach bug floating around, and while it isn't horrible, it isn't fun, either.  I had to cancel a few clients this week, which I don't like doing, but life happens….

We've also had some not so good news come in about a few people we love and are trying to deal with it as best we can as a family.  I think the roller coaster part is that we just feel helpless… it sucks to feel like you can't do anything to change a situation for someone.  I finally came to the conclusion that there just isn't anything we are really able to do to fix anything; this is part of their journey and what we CAN do is send prayers, light, healing and love to them.   And of course be there for support.  I just like things to be fixed and am pretty good at logically figuring something out to do so, but in these cases, I just can't and I have to deal with that fact.

If you would, and even though you don't know who I'm referring to or what it's about… send a little prayer to two very special people to us?  Thank you so much!  :)

I have to work tomorrow and Saturday with clients for a bit, but just got a shipment of more of the silver clay, silicone putty for little paw prints (it is SO cool!) some supplies and sterling wire and plan to get back to work this weekend.  My goal is to have some new pretties up in my Etsy shop Sunday and Monday.  I'm also going to re-watch the video about the Acetylene tank and actually try to set it up.  This means that I need to re-do part of my office/studio as I have curtains and a trash can near my soldering station, etc., and that's not a good thing.  :D  I desperately need a big workbench which will make things much safer, and… a fire extinguisher.  :-O

I'm thrilled to say that our Third Annual Halloween Event is FIVE seats from selling out.  Whaaaa?  Yeppers!  That reminds me… I need to ask the hotel about using the space in the lobby for food instead of the room.  That would allow us to have a little more room for more people.

UPDATE:  Yay, they allowed us to move the food in the seated lobby section, so we'll be able to open up a few more seats SOON!

Monday is Columbus Day!  Yessss!  A SLEEP IN day!  What are your plans for this weekend?

Enjoy your day!


  1. Sorry to hear about your friends' struggle, Barb. The lessons and challenges we all endure are supposed to help, but are frustrating for those of us who have to watch and cannot help! Sending positive thoughts. **Glad to hear the Halloween event is going well. So, will you be in costume this year? Are you encouraging costumes? A theme perhaps? Enjoy the great weather - we've earned it! Rob

  2. Thanks, Rob! Yes, costumes! Think I'm going as a gypsy fortune teller, since most people think that's what I do, anyway. Heh.