Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Silver Rattie Paw Day


Today has been a busy day, and it's only 3:15.  Still need to hit the shower, believe it or not, and then to the store for snacks for tomorrow's Psychic Development Workshop #2.  This is the workshop where I get to see everyone's little lightbulb go off during student readings like, "whoaaa… that's cool… I am doing this!!!"  There are always a few in the workshop who struggle or just can't get anything, but that's completely normal, especially when it's hard to focus and they're comparing themselves to others in the class.  Once they get home and work on the exercises in their own space, it really does come pretty quickly.  ;)  So, I still need to get ready for my class.

This morning after addressing emails, etc., I just couldn't resist the pleading of the left over little blob of Precious Metal Clay I had left in my studio.  "Barrrrrb!  I'm still here… come make me into something."  Okayyy, twist my arm.

I've been thinking of an idea about working with pet prints in the PMC.  Not big ones, but the prints of the little guys like rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc.  The reason why is because we fall head over heels in love with our little tiny furry souls, yet they only live 2 - 3 years.  Rats, especially are SO social, loving and smart, it's like having a mini dog, but most dogs live upwards to 15-20 years.  Rats live up to maybe 3.  It was more than heartbreaking when Penny our first rat passed, and it'll be equally heartbreaking when our elder Abbey goes, and then Sadie at some point.  Bleh, don't want to think about it.

I've been eyeing the three clay paw prints of my passed animals for months; Mac our beloved long-haired hamster, Blue our Australian Shepherd dog and Penny the wise and loving rat.  I really wanted to capture our rat, Abbey's print before she passes… I like that idea, knowing that she was alive and well when we took the print - happy memories, but I didn't want to disturb her from her deep daytime slumber.  I decided to use the clay mold of our passed Penny instead.  This rat was like another child, in a way for my husband.  She was "his" rat - really attached to him, so I thought I'd make him a permanent silver paw print.  The cool thing is that because her paw was smooshed into the clay after she passed (and then the clay was set like a mold in the oven), when I smooshed the PMC into her paw print it came out feeling just like her little paw.  I haven't felt that paw since I was able to hold her for the last time in the vet's office.  That was a nice feeling and I'm sure my husband will feel the same way.

So, I dried the clay piece, filed it, fired it and oxidized it and now it's a little 1" by 1" fine silver memory for my husband to put on his key chain or on a neck chain.  I'm going to order more PMC along with some non-toxic silicone and offer these to the public via my Etsy store - especially for the crazy rat lovers like us.  They will simply take the non-toxic silicone, smoosh the rattie foot in gently (or very small dog, cat, ferret, mouse, hamster, iguana, gerbil, etc.), let it dry and send it back to me.  Then, I'll do my thing here and create their piece.  :)

Here's how I made Penny's footprint.

And, here's some pics (click on them to zoom)!  Oh, and I've added better pics of the PMC'd ring (called Here Comes The Sun).  It's now up on my Etsy store!  Go see!

Have a great rest of the day!

Penny's Silver Paw Print

Here Comes The Sun Ring

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm in Love with PMC

There's a new love in my life, and I'm not ashamed to say it.  :D  For those who know me well, you're thinking, "well, DUH, Barb… we KNOW you love Paul McCartney!  What's new about THAT???"

Nope, it's not Paul…well, YES, I love, love, love him, but this is another PMC.  :D

It's PMC or Precious Metal Clay.

Now, I may lose some of you at this point, but read on; it's actually pretty cool!

I saw some videos of Precious Metal Clay, or PMC a few months ago and thought it was pretty cool, but didn't fully understand it.  I thought it was some sort of jewelry type clay, and I was dead set to work with only sterling silver or fine silver.  Thought you could make beads with it or something and I wasn't interested in that.  Dumb me missed the "precious" part of the precious metal clay title.

Recently, I found out more what it really is and have been planning to put an order in for some, just hadn't gotten around to it yet.  A few days ago, I was flicking channels and on Jewelry TV there it was!  And… it was an instructional DVD and PMC combo, so I could learn to use it correctly.  SOLD!  Today I received my package, I watched the video and got right to work.

PMC comes in a little plastic package looking like a chewed piece of gray gum, seriously.  It has minuscule pieces of .999 fine silver combined with the clay.  It's sold by the gram, and you can get 10 grams, 20, 30, etc. keeping in mind the silver prices, of course, and they've been climbing lately.  You take this gray gum and smoosh it into a silicone mold, or you can stamp something into it and make an impression.
Wax seal stamp
Once you get your shape stamped, you gently file it, add holes, pretty it up and then dry it well (15 minutes with a hair dryer).  After this, you take your handy-dandy micro torch and carefully torch it for 2 minutes.

Dried clay before firing
What happens is, the clay particles burn away and what's left is your piece in .999 fine silver.  Take a stainless steel brush, brush off the white coating left over from the firing and the silver starts gleaming through.

After firing and buffing


Then you take your piece and finish your jewelry project. For this sun, I decided to solder it to a patterned sterling band and oxidize the whole thing to bring out the textures and grooves.  I think it came out pretty nice for my first PMC project.  What do you think?  (Click pics to zoom)

After oxidizing and hand-polishing!  Done!

Will post better pics tomorrow.  Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Day in the Life of “Mom the Medium”

NOTE:  From Oct. 09 - I'm pulling a few blogs from my old Wordpress blog.  Yep, you've probably read this before.  If  not, enjoy!

It’s funny.  People often think that a psychic or a medium’s daily life is somehow different from the typical person’s on the street.  Like we have some advantage over situations and events and everything just runs ohhh soooo smoothly.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s not uncommon for me to wake up to dog poop/vomit, or have to shampoo my elderly dog after she’s urinated all over herself in her sleep (not before she’s shaken all the pee off herself onto me).  I, like many now, have to choose the bills I’m able to pay and quickly pay them over the phone before something gets cut off.  My HUGE clean laundry pile is presently all over my couch waiting to be folded, but I’m blogging instead (I hate that stupid laundry monster).  I had to put down our beloved long-haired hamster, Mac not long ago because he had tumors in his liver and kidneys, and promising my son, I stayed with sweet little Mac while the vet gave him his shots (and, by the way, it is NOT the same as putting down larger animals.  I don’t think I could go through watching that again.).  My one son calls me the “meanest mom in the world” on a daily basis because I won’t give him a “free day” from school so he can play video games instead.  This is the same child who we nearly have to drag to school and makes himself late daily (those tardies are gonna teach him, eventually).  Then, I have to play the “calmer downer” for the 12 yr old, while he gets completely overwhelmed about the insane amount of homework he sometimes has, which takes up about 2 hours for both of us some days (I will say, though, that I am getting quite a refresher course on various Junior High subjects… so it can’t be that bad!).  

See?  Just like with everyone, ”(insert curse word) happens.”  Oh, and I could go on for HOURS, but that laundry monster is now yelling at me from upstairs.

Ah, I hear you all saying, “but if she were REALLY psychic, she’d know things were going to happen and prevent it.”  Nope.  Why?  Because we’re all here to learn and travel down that unknown path.  Confronting and accepting our contracts, making the best choices we can, and scraping along like everyone else.  Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes, not so much.

One of the Universe’s little jokes for most psychics is that we can’t really read ourselves well.  Not funny, Universe, but most psychics will tell you that we just don’t receive information about ourselves in the same way we do for our clients.  We know ourselves too well, are too biased and therefore, our brain gets in the way clouding most info coming in.  That’s why most psychics/mediums have their own favorite psychic or medium to call, hehe… it’s true!

That said, I DO get a “heads-up” or a ”mini premonition” many times in my dream state.  Unfortunately, it’s not the earth-shattering information/help I’d like (hey Universe, lotto numbers would be really cool, by the way, JK.).  One example of the many mini premonitions I’ve had:  not long ago, I had a quick dream that my youngest was going to throw up.  I awoke immediately knowing I had to bolt to the closet and grab the puke bucket.  Thankfully for all involved, the bucket was under that boys chin not 5 seconds before he let it all out.  So, actually, that IS pretty earth-shattering, isn’t it?   I can’t think of one person who really wants to clean up vomit all over a bed and a child at 3am… especially if you have an awful gag reflex like me. 

So, you see… we aren’t so different at all.  With that, I’m off to tackle that damn laundry monster who JUST won’t shut up.  Have a great Saturday!


Switch On, Switch Off

NOTE from Oct. 09:  I'm pulling a few blogs from my old Wordpress blog.  Yep, you've probably read this before.  If  not, enjoy!

One of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “do you see dead people all the time?”  OR, ”when you’re in the produce section at the grocery store, do you see dead people hanging around their live people?”  I don’t know why, but when people think about a grocery store, they always think the produce section first, so I get that scenario in their question quite a bit. 

The answer is no.  But can you imagine?  That would drive me crazy (not that I’m not a little crazy, anyway).

You see, first of all, I don’t SEE dead people, which I prefer to call “spirit people.”  They’re still people but just in spirit form instead.  I have seen full manifestations of spirit, but it’s a rare occurence for me (as cool as it is).  Normally, when I’m in my linking mode, I feel a spirit energy first and where they are in the room, and then I’ll start to hear sentences, music, names, information about them, as well as see symbols pertaining to them.  I don’t just see a spirit person hanging around their physical person here.  That said, I do very often see them in my mind’s eye during readings, but not as a 3-D type image that you see on shows like “Ghost Whisperer” or “Medium”.

No, I don’t bump into spirit people at the grocery store or when dining out, UNLESS I CHOOSE to tune in to a person.  The thing is, I need my time off, too.  I’m sure if an accountant has spent all day crunching numbers, the last thing he/she wants to do is sit down in the grocery store and do someone’s taxes.  I choose to close down, and most mediums will tell you that this is how it works for them too.  I’ve heard John Holland say something to the extent, “it would take an awfully strong spirit to get my attention when I’m not working.”  Exactly, and to be ON all of the time would be incredibly draining.

Besides that, one of the rules I try to stick to is not to read someone unless they ask me to.  There are many mediums out there who do, and that’s fine for them, but I’ve found that it’s not the best thing.  I remember standing in line one time at the local McDonald’s and while waiting, accidentally slipping into that attuning  mode.  I clearly saw an elderly spirit woman standing behind her husband (who was oblivious, of course, to her being there) just peacefully reading the paper and eating his hamburger.  Can you imagine if I walked up to him and said, “hey, please don’t be scared, but your wife is standing behind you and says…”    For some, it would be incredibly unnerving and shocking.  This happens with me here and there, and it’s not always that the spirit person has the needto communicate anything – I’m just sensitive to their energy and am a witness to what’s happening on its own – I happened to pick up on this man’s passed wife who was just visiting her husband for a bit.

When I AM about to link to spirit and take clients, I shift my gears energy-wise.  I sit and meditate, breathe, expand my consciousness and attune to spirit.  When finished, I “close myself down”, if you will, and return to my regularly scheduled broadcast of Barb’s Wacky Life, which is what I’m off to do right now.

Enjoy your evening, too!

Easy Smudging Ritual to Clear Stagnant and Negative Energy in Your Home

NOTE:  I'm pulling a few blogs from my old Wordpress blog.  Yep, you've probably read this before.  If  not, enjoy!

Smudging is an American Indian ritual and is used frequently during spiritual home cleansings/blessings. Energy (stagnant or negative, even) has a way of building like dust in an area, and over time, you can even feel the “heaviness” of the room. The energy can be left over arguments, stress or even grumpy spirit folks among many other things. Medium John Edward calls smudging “spiritual pledge” which is so true! It’s a wonderful way to clear the old energy away when moving into a new home, or for general energy clearing in your home once a quarter. For folks who work as mediums or psychics, it’s recommended to smudge more frequently.

Try to remember not to worry about how you look or sound or if you stumble on your words during the ritual. The main thing here is your intent. Your intentions are to rid the home of negative and stagnant energies and to invite loving and protective energies in.

Crack a window in each room of your home and take a dried bundle of sage (available at most metaphysical stores) and “smudge” your home clearing out any negative or stagnant energies. Smudging is simply lighting the sage bundle and immediately blowing it out letting it smoke through the air. Make sure you have a safe receptacle to catch the ashes in, and walk around your entire home allowing the smoke to circulate and cleanse the space. Be firm and unemotional, walking through each room, hallway, bathroom, closet, etc., of your home. While walking, say out loud and firmly something such as, “may this sacred sage blend into every corner of this room and cleanse away any negative or stagnant energies. All negative and stagnant energies must leave NOW and NOT return.” Do this until you FEEL the energy is clear in the room and then, say, “in the name of God (or your particular Divine energy), this room is now cleansed.” KNOW and feel this. Then, move to the next room. When completed, it’s really nice to then walk around inviting positive and protective energies into your home with an incense like Nag Champa. After this, I normally “set” the ritual by lighting a white candle and again KNOWING the home is now clear. You do not need to leave the candle burning, so remember not to leave it burning.

(You can get the bundled white sage at Whole Foods – also the Nag Champa.)

A Few Small but Important Tidbits if You’re Considering Contacting a Medium

NOTE:  I'm pulling a few blogs from my old Wordpress blog.  Yep, you've probably read this before.  If  not, enjoy!

Recently, I’ve had more people than usual not understand how a medium works, how the process works or why they don’t hear what they wish to hear in a session.  I’ve even had clients tell me how they want me to read for them with no “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts” accepted.   I truly can’t dictate a reading, nor can I conform how I work to fit someone else’s expectations.  It’s really always best to understand how a psychic or medium works, know what to expect in advance, and to get good references, rather than be too “on guard.” 

Here are a few pointers:

  1. Allow the psychic or medium to work in the way THEY need to work.  Understandably, there are many charlatans out there, and you really DO need to be wary of the “generals” in a reading (and if you feel the psychic isn’t connecting with you, and giving vague info, DO let them know and possibly even stop the session.)  It’s always best to go into a session relaxed and open to info and messages, not to hear what you want to hear or connect to that exact person in spirit.   Let the psychic or medium do their job in the way they need to do it, leave expectations at the door and your session will more than likely flow much better.  As I told one lady this month, you don’t go into the doctors’ office and tell the doctor how to examine you, or a lawyer how to work on your case.  The psychic needs to conduct a reading the way they need to.
  2. Try to go to a psychic or medium who has been referred to you by someone who has had a good experience.  If you don’t know of anyone who’s been to a psychic, try to find a site on the internet with fair reviews on the psychic.  While testimonials are nice on a psychics website, you really don’t know for sure they are legitimate, so it’s a good idea not to choose a psychic because of his or her own website testimonials.
  3. Don’t call or write a psychic or medium for a freebie or “test” mini reading.  Most valid mediums I know need to prepare with prayer, meditation and ritual before opening up to spirit, spirit guides or the angelic realm.  It’s not fair to expect a medium to connect on the spot… we have lives too!
  4. Try not to rate a psychic or medium with “hits” or “misses.”  There will ALWAYS be information not understood during a session that a psychic will “leave you” with.  These are not necessarily “misses,” and are usually understood at a later time.  There will always be validations that occur AFTER the session is over when the unknowns in a reading are discovered!
  5. During a session, if a psychic or medium tells you things about yourself, it’s a good thing!  I’ve had people tell me, “yes, I know this about myself… so?”  Well, I DON’T! This means the psychic is connecting with your energy and if that’s the case, should be able to link with your people in spirit as well, if that’s what you’re looking for.  We know YOU know things about yourself, but a psychic doesn’t know anything about you, so this is a good indication that a link has been established between you and the psychic.
  6. For medium sessions where a psychic links to your people in spirit, it’s important to allow the process to unfold in the way spirit would like it to.  Allow them to bring through ANY pieces of info, even if it seems “trivial” or “insignificant” to you.  Example:  Me:  (laughing…) “wow, he tells me he always late, correct?”  Client: (shrugging shoulders…) “yes, he was always late, so????”   Again, YOU may know this about your spirit person, but the medium doesn’t, and this is very important.  The spirit person will give the medium anything – seemingly insignificant things, or very significant things – to prove to you it’s them!   They are all little puzzle pieces of information about themselves that you’ll put together to understand and identify a spirit person.
  7. On that same note, don’t feel a medium hasn’t connected with your spirit person just because that ONE thing you asked them to bring through in your reading didn’t come through.  I can tell someone 50 things about their spirit person with “yes” to all of them, but because that one item didn’t come through, the client will disqualify the fact that it was the spirit person they thought it was.  This is so unfair to spirit and the process as they work VERY hard to get as much to you about themselves as possible, and then any messages THEY feel they’d like to give you.  If you don’t hear that one particular thing, it’s ok.  DO remember to collect all they DID give to you, know they did the best they could and thank them.
  8. Spirit people will also tell you what YOU did today, last week, yesterday, etc.  Why?  To show they DO visit often and are aware of your life!  Again, these can be just silly little things such as you ordering pizza or dropping a bowl on the ground.  The medium doesn’t know you did this, but your spirit people do!
  9. Understand that a medium is given information quickly, symbolically and that their guides use what the medium has stored in their brain for references/evidence to give to you.  Don’t try to make it fit or hang on the exact thing you’re waiting for.  Example:  “I’m seeing the time when I closed the door on my cats tail. Your dad is bringing my experience up because you must have had the same kind of experience.  Does this make sense?”   Normally, it either very closely makes sense for the spirit person or you, and they’ll bring this up to give you another puzzle piece.  If you had a similar experience and understand what they are TRYING to relay, it’s best to acknowledge it.
  10. It’s ok to say “no, that doesn’t make sense for him/her.”  You won’t hurt the mediums feelings!  The medium can and should ask for clarification if something doesn’t make sense to you.  Normally, it means that two energies may be blending, and that another spirit person is trying to come through.  Remember too, that some info isn’t validated until later.
Overall?  Being an open skeptic is best.  Don’t reach for everything and make it fit, and don’t be so insistent that only certain people or info should come through.  Understand that it is a process, and for me, it’s much like playing charades when I can barely see, feel or hear them.  The connection may be very strong or somewhat light depending on many variables, and we do the best we can to snag that evidential info from them and pass it along to you.  So, just try to let the medium do their work and the spirit people or guides do their work as well.  This will allow the session to unfold in the way it was meant to!


Changing Blog Spots and Other Stuff...

Happy Wednesday!

Just a quick heads-up.  I changed my blog site to Blogger because there seems to be so many more options as opposed to Wordpress.  Plus, Wordpress is confusing, especially for my simple brain.  So, I'm here!  I'm going to post a few of my old blogs, so don't get confused, yourself.  :)

Baby Snickers
Baby Baby Snickers
As for today, it stormed for a while (love it!) and now the sun is out.  Had a few phone sessions and am catching up on email.  My pup is curled up on the chair sleeping waiting for the kids to get home from school.  I've seen both "Baby Baby Snickers" the grandchild of Snickers and son of Baby Snickers today (if you don't know the story of my squirrels, especially Snickers click here! ) and his teeny gray sibling, both looking for peanuts and becoming more comfy in my back yard.  These were the babies who looked like mink stoles on their mama's necks while she was transporting them to a new tree.  Too cute.  :)  Anyway...

Woke up to see that I'd sold my one of my newer pieces in my Etsy Store, my Poe Heart necklace, yay!  There's nothing more fun than someone purchasing something you've created.  Waking up to an "Etsy Transaction" email saying I sold something makes me just too happy and inspires me to think of new ideas.  Think I'll create more "gothic" Halloween inspired pieces this week... seems to be in the air.

Speaking of Halloween, I've added a gadget with the event over there to the right.-->  We are already more than 1/2 way sold out, so if you're thinking of attending, better register SOON!  This will be a really fun event.  If you don't know about it or want to register, click here.

Ok, time to get other work done!

Catch ya later!

UPDATE 3:45pm: A little ghetto news… my sons' school was put on lockdown today because a man walked into his school with a gun.  A GUN???  Holy shite.  Police were there already (not sure why??) and arrested him out in front of the school.  More as soon as I find out.  Very scary stuff…

UPDATE 6:45pm:  Apparently it was a robbery which occurred near the school.  Police were already at the school because the suspect had a gun.  He was arrested either in or right in front of the school.  Crazy people.

I'm A High-Maintenance Animal Magnet

All I have to say is…


Case(s) in point.

Penny the rat got into a fight with Abbey the rat.  Her eye was injured which resulted in surgery to remove her eye, which resulted in buying a tank to watch her in because she had to stay away from Abbey, add in meds, more meds, more meds and no vacation.  Then the poor girl had a tumor and Myco, so it was all about being the “Mallon hospital for rats” – all for her.

We lost poor Penny in March and thought Ms. Sadie could be Abbey’s new friend.  She is a pretty little white pink-eyed rat, but Abbey is old and set in her ways, so she would have none of this Sadie chick.  This resulted in purchasing another $100 cage with all of the same amenities Abbey had.  They still can’t get near each other which makes it difficult to travel, to let them out at night (they have to have separate parts of the house to run)… basically they have separate everything.  I feel badly for Sadie because she wants to be Abbey’s friend so bad, but it’s like a 7th grader wanting to be best friends with a Senior in HS.  NOT going to happen.

Recently we adopted this beautiful pit bull/lab pup who was SUPPOSED to have all her tests, shots, etc.  We brought her home and after about a week, her incision from her spaying started to become infected, she was itching like crazy (allergies, not fleas), was not housebroken as we were told, needed more vaccinations and  had to be put on a ton of meds to get her back on track… um, $600 later (actually $800 with her adoption fee included) we have a very irritated pup with an e-collar.  Not what we expected.

Even my squirrels are high maintenance.  Our Snickers hurt his eye somehow, so it was antibiotics for him for two weeks, but damn if he didn’t show 15 out of 17 days for his jelly bread antibiotic sandwich!

Collar of Shame...
No, I wouldn’t trade these furry souls in for low maintenance ones… I GUESS (kidding).  :D  I say this as Maggie is trying desperately to chew off her e-collar.  Ugh.  It’s going to be a longggg week.


Expanding Horizons

Hi everyone!

Yep, I suck at keeping up with my blogging, but that’s going to change.  And there are a few reasons why, which I’ll get into later.  While you read these, however, please keep in mind that I really don’t feel the need to gramatically correct anything, heh.  I think that’s part of my problem.  I can be so worried about how a sentence is being written that I just decide not to write anything.  Anywhoo…

So, for those who follow my pages on Facebook, you’ll know that I’ve recently (as of December) started back up my jewelry business.  About 16/15 years ago, I had a website and created and sold more metaphysically/spiritually inspired jewelry.  Little, unobstructive pretties with gemstones, charms and chain.  I really loved it and since many weren’t really creating much metaphysical jewelry, I did pretty well.  At the same time, I was feeling incredibly pulled to expand and work with my own intuitive abilities and well, the rest is history.  I’ve been a spiritual medium since then and love my work tremendously.  It’s something that has always fed my soul and brought joy to me and my clients.  What could be better?  Welllll…. all that said, this year or so I’ve found myself feeling a bit burned out.  I don’t work a “regular” job; taking clients is the only way I help to pay bills.  Because of the economy and my husband having a very hard time finding full time work (he finally did, phew), it’s been more about “having” to work rather than “wanting” to work.  Before, I was helping with the bills and taking care of the kids, but these past few years it’s been more about what absolutely needs to be in money-wise in order to survive.  This brings a different energy and I’ve tried hard to harmonize my feelings about this and to stay positive.  The work I do has enabled me to have an extremely flexible schedule, to be home for my kids and be there whenever they need me, so I’m very blessed and grateful, but… I really wanted to bring into my life something more creative, as well.  This is something that comes through for my clients all of the time.  Balance, harmonize, bring joy into your life.

After many months of thinking about it, I finally went down to the basement and found my two huge boxes of gemstones and silver charms and took inventory.  TONS of things left over and I started to dabble again.  Had to find my old tools, but once I did it was like a bolt of lightening hit me.  ZAP!  I started ordering ear wires, new beads and some chain.  I created a few pieces, started an Etsy store and was having a ball… THEN, I had the idea, “hey, these earwires are just sterling wire.  I wonder if there’s a video about how to make your own earwires?”  Well, there was!  And lots of them!  Times are so different now… if you need to know how to do something, YouTube it!  I learned how to make my own earwires, and then I learned how to make my own headpins, and then what were these?  ”Balled” headpins?  What do you need to make those (and thereby saving a TON of money)… a micro torch???  Ok!  And it was about this time while hammering on a plastic table in my living room that I had the thought that this set up just wouldn’t do.  I saw how folks had (can you believe it?) JEWELERS BENCHES and bench blocks, bench pins and tools and saws and lights and containers and … SOLDER EQUIPMENT?  Nope, terrified of that, so I YouTubed it, found easy videos of how to use silver solder paste or wire and fell in love.  I’ve now gone from a Micro butane torch which I’ve used to solder much of my silver, to owning an acetylene torch (no, I haven’t used it yet… still scared… ha).  The cool thing?  My daughter just got engaged and her fiance’ is a metalsmith, so I can ask tons of questions about this scary torch, which I hear isn’t really too scary afterall.  Hmmm….

Anyway my office, where I’ve always conducted my phone sessions has now become my office/studio.  I have three workbenches (well, ok, ONE real workbench, and two tables.  Still trying to find a cheap workbench or two!) and different stations: hammering/creating, soldering, pickling and tumbling.  My basement bathroom is now where I rinse and patina my silver.  Basically, I’ve taken over 2/3 of the basement and am now trying to really “get out there” and sell more jewelry – emmm, yep, to pay for what I’ve put into it!  :D  I’ve sold many, many items, and have even created custom orders (4 of which were wedding bands, how cool is that?!?) and yes, I’m in love!

I’m getting pretty good at putting pieces together now.  Surprisingly, there are many self-taught silversmiths out there.  Eventually, I’d love to find some classes, but it’s going well and I feel I’m in it for the long run.

So, you’ll see more consistent blogs about my progress along with things I’ve learned the hard way NOT to do (um, wear shoes and natural fibers so you don’t burn yourself, derrr!).  I’ll even do a few videos of how to make certain things… this helped me so much while I’ve been learning and gave me such inspiration so I want to do the same for other newbs.

If you’d like to see some of my work you can find it at 

Go see!  Everything’s on sale until the 30th!  With that, it’s time to pull my jewelry out of the tumbler which, by the way, freaks out my new dog!

Enjoy your day!