Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost Lost Maggie...

… in one way or another.  What a horrible day, but all is well now.

Bren and I were on our way to the Apple store yesterday and Maggie hates it when I, especially, leave.  She's very attached to us all, but especially me because I'm home with her 24/7, pretty much.  She was very anxious as I was getting ready and I knew that Mike would need to hold her as we were leaving so she wouldn't get out.  She gets antsy when I'm getting ready… she knows I'm about to leave and always wants to go with me.

That said, she has never, ever tried to get out.  Ever since we've had her.

While Mike was walking towards the door to hold her as we were leaving, Bren tried to hold her collar instead and Maggie squirmed out of his hands and out the door.  She BOLTED across our very busy road and by some miracle, wasn't hit by the numerous speeding cars that are normally there.  Remember, this is the road where a few of my sweet squirrels have met their demise and here was our beautiful Maggie flying across.  At this time, there was nothing driving by... thank God… Bren chased her screaming her name and I was trying to run screaming her name, thinking all along about the few people I know who have lost their dog in the same way… bolting out the door and getting hit by a car.  I about threw up while tears were streaming down my face.  Our new amazing baby, Maggie running like a gazelle across one busy street  towards a very, very busy road just past the school.  I thought she was dead, for sure.

My ankles completely gave out in the flats I was trying to run in.  I felt like those nightmares where you're trying to run but everything is moving in slow motion - it was awful.  I was hysterical trying to run after Maggie and Bren but nothing was happening.  My husband, in his bare feet, was trying to run behind me and I heard him yell to go get the car.  I jumped in with my lungs burning like crazy and started driving around the school, crying, praying and looking.  I don't know how many Archangels I called on for help, but I know it was a lot.

I drove and looked and looked and drove and hysterically rounded the corner back to my house when the sudden massive feeling came over me of, "hey, chill…she's ok, she's OK!"  It was the same feeling I had when I freaked out about our whole family flying to California.  Suddenly, when nearing the airport, all was well.  It just was.  I always tell my clients it's that BLAH knowing.  Yesterday it was, "CHILL… SHE'S OK."  I took a deep breath and kept driving, and thank God, a few blocks down the road I saw my husband, son and our beloved Maggie all together.  I found out later that Bren and I were asking for the same Archangels to protect her and STOP her from running.  Apparently, it worked.

So, now, we don't trust her.  Period… until after obedience training, which will now be soon, and then I still won't quite trust her.  Phew.

Breathing a sigh of relief…  :)  Hug your pups and enjoy your night!

A bad but safe Maggie… 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunny Saturday

This may sound like a strange way to start a blog post, but today has been just a really pleasant day.  I guess that's actually a good way to start a blog post, derrr!  :D

I woke up reallllllllly sleepy, but as I opened the curtains, the… whaaaa???? …the SUN was out!  After quite a few days of torrential rain and flooding…

… there was SUN!  A little sun sure does go a long way attitude wise, sheeze!  Anywhoo, the nice husband brought me home Starbucks (see?  a good day!) and some McDonalds for the boys.  Today is my youngest son's 12th birthday and he demanded that he wake up to McDonalds, LOL… so it was done, young grasshoppahhh.  :D

Got ready and went to meet one of my best clients for a session.  She always brings me a gift (those are my favorite clients, too!).  This time, she brought me a little painted sand dollar from the beach.  Too sweet.

Came home and since it was soooo beautiful out, I immediately grabbed the dog and took her for a nice walk.  I swear, the sun was so bright, and the breeze was just perfect.  Chilly in the shade, warm in the sun.  The colors of the trees were absolutely decadent with reds, oranges and yellows and as walked by they looked like they were waving as the wind blew through them.  I don't think I can recall a more beautiful day in a while.

Since the sun was out, I finally had a chance to snap photos of my 4 new necklaces.  The black onyx/moonstone one has been sold, but the others are up in my Etsy Store! 

I'm so in the mood to make more jewelry tonight, but it's birthday day, and there will be two kids coming over for a birthday sleepover in the next hour… read hyper boys and NO SLEEP.  Tomorrow is the Redskins/Eagles game, so I'm ready to listen to the husband yelling at the TV up here while I work in my basement studio.  Heh.

OH!  And we literally have 10 seats left for our Halloween event… I can't believe how fast it's filled up this year!  Anyone know where I can find a quality Gypsy Fortune Teller costumer?  It's either that or just wear a pretty tiara.  Emm... that would be with clothes.  LOL!!!  :D

Enjoy your weekend; what will you be doing?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Bit of a Roller Coaster Week...

This has been a tough week.  Pretty much an emotional and physical roller coaster so I haven't felt the inspiration to blog or make much jewelry, even.  We've all had that weird stomach bug floating around, and while it isn't horrible, it isn't fun, either.  I had to cancel a few clients this week, which I don't like doing, but life happens….

We've also had some not so good news come in about a few people we love and are trying to deal with it as best we can as a family.  I think the roller coaster part is that we just feel helpless… it sucks to feel like you can't do anything to change a situation for someone.  I finally came to the conclusion that there just isn't anything we are really able to do to fix anything; this is part of their journey and what we CAN do is send prayers, light, healing and love to them.   And of course be there for support.  I just like things to be fixed and am pretty good at logically figuring something out to do so, but in these cases, I just can't and I have to deal with that fact.

If you would, and even though you don't know who I'm referring to or what it's about… send a little prayer to two very special people to us?  Thank you so much!  :)

I have to work tomorrow and Saturday with clients for a bit, but just got a shipment of more of the silver clay, silicone putty for little paw prints (it is SO cool!) some supplies and sterling wire and plan to get back to work this weekend.  My goal is to have some new pretties up in my Etsy shop Sunday and Monday.  I'm also going to re-watch the video about the Acetylene tank and actually try to set it up.  This means that I need to re-do part of my office/studio as I have curtains and a trash can near my soldering station, etc., and that's not a good thing.  :D  I desperately need a big workbench which will make things much safer, and… a fire extinguisher.  :-O

I'm thrilled to say that our Third Annual Halloween Event is FIVE seats from selling out.  Whaaaa?  Yeppers!  That reminds me… I need to ask the hotel about using the space in the lobby for food instead of the room.  That would allow us to have a little more room for more people.

UPDATE:  Yay, they allowed us to move the food in the seated lobby section, so we'll be able to open up a few more seats SOON!

Monday is Columbus Day!  Yessss!  A SLEEP IN day!  What are your plans for this weekend?

Enjoy your day!