Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and you were able to spend it with your favorite people!   We had a rather quiet one, which I liked and even had a visit from the grandboo who got his new Paw Patrol walking Max dog.  It's so cute... it's like walking a little stuffed dog.  I'm pretty surprised it lasted as long as it did in this house because Sammy wanted to KILL IT.  

I did a few local holiday jewelry/craft shows and learned my lesson.  Do NOT do middle school or elementary school shows!  They were not advertised well and there just wasn't any traffic.  I'll be focusing more on high schools and larger events this year.  If anyone knows of any local shows that are pretty busy, please let me know, if you don't mind!  Some shows are upwards in the hundreds and is why I didn't participate in them last year.  I appreciate any feedback if you're a NOVA show attendee!  :D

I had lots of custom orders for this holiday, so that was really fun!  They are so fun to make, but make me SO nervous that the size may not come out right, or something isn't absolutely perfect.  Then I remind myself that it's hand-made, and pretty darn OK, if I do say so myself!  Ha!  I look back at my starting pieces and cringe knowing that I should have used stronger wire or metal or should have set something more smoothly.  Now that the custom orders are all done, I get to pick a pretty stone and give it a good home in a silver setting.  A friend and fellow silversmith, Kelli says that and I love it.  I find beautiful stones and give them a forever home, ha!  Kelli from Mothers On The Mountain Jewelry... check her out!

Mike is down and out for a few days after a knee somethingscopy to repair a torn meniscus he's had for about a year.  Actually, last years ginormous snow sealed the deal for that knee.  He's working for a local elections office and had ZERO time to have the surgery done because of the election and the craziness it brought.  The surgery went well and I'm taking a break from being Nurse Barb (not Ratched, I've been nice... so far.  :D) to update my blog and to have a bit of me time!  Phew...  Tomorrow, we get to remove the bandages and get stanky into the shower!

The pups are doing well.  Maggie has had some large weird skin lump that needs to be looked at that again, so she's going to the vet for shots and a check up on that.  They said before that it wasn't cancer and not a parasite, but had no idea.  It never grew, but this year it's been scratched a little and I want it gone.  It's weird and I worry, so I really want to have that removed from her and checked.  Sammy is as goofy as always and is going in soon for his shots, too.  The madam had to have her spay put on hold a bit because we had some massive car problems in the fall, but she'll go in soon to have her physical and to see if she can have her spay.  Hoping that there's no cancer detected, but the anesthesia still freaks me out, especially with older buns.  We have the best rabbit savvy vet, though, so I'm praying she'll be ok when the time comes to spay her soon.  

Other than that, just enjoying some time off and catching up on emails, etc.  New jewelry to make soon after the mister doesn't need as much help.  :)

As far as in person sessions, thank you all for your incredible patience.  I'm plugging through the wait list and will soon be calling people for late Feb/early March appointments.  I will be closing my list for a while tomorrow night, and the update from my website is listed below.

If you are interested in my silly life in pictures and you're on Instagram, follow me here!  I post there pretty regularly!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Much love and a MUCH BETTER 2017, omg.  2016 bit the big one.

Barb xx

*Updated 12/30/16:
Thanks so much for your patience and for your interest in a session with me!  As much as I don't want to, as of 12/31/16 I will need to close my wait list for a while to try to catch up on my current wait list for this year.  As of now, any new sign ups will be booking probably during the fall of 2017.  If you'd like to be on my 2017 wait list, you have until 12/31/16 to jump on it.  I will not be taking any names or any "when you DO open your list, please add me" names after that date until I re-open this list sometime next year.  If you are looking for a medium with a sooner availability, I would recommend Lisa Boslett at

A few things to consider first:
*Sessions are done on Friday afternoons only between 3 - 5pm.
*I am conducting all sessions in my Chantilly, VA office.
*I have no idea how long it may be to get to you - possibly fall or so if you sign up now.
*Unless there is an unexpected opening, I'll probably contact you about a month prior to the session.
*I am no longer taking gift certificate orders as I don't know how much longer I'll be taking clients.  
If you still want an in person session, :) please email me or call with the following info:
1. Your first name
2. Email Address
3. Cell phone number
4. What type session (mediumship or guidance/tarot)
5. What length session (45-60 minute or 30-40 minute)  More info on my services here.
Again, I will be sure to notify you here and on my blog/FB with any updates.
*If you've left your information, you're already the list to call.  
Thanks again for your patience!

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Little Update!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you're enjoying this holiday season!  I'm just happy it's finally cold enough to feel like the holidays!  It's been pretty warm, weather-wise around here!

A quick update on my wait list and another craft fair...

I'll be doing another holiday craft fair at Centreville Elementary School in Centreville, VA this Saturday, Dec. 10.  It's directly off of Rt. 28, so it's super easy to find!  I'll be there from 9am to 3pm selling my jewelry, including new pieces I've recently made!  I actually found out about this one from another vendor at the bazaar I was at last weekend, so I'm not sure what other vendors will be there, but stop by and say hi if you're in the area!  :)

At these fairs, all items are 10% off, so I'm now running a 10% OFF special on any ready to ship item in my Etsy shop, as well!  Simply use coupon code HOLIDAYS16 at checkout for 10% off your order.

Hop on over if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind gift!

In mediumship reading news, I've decided to go ahead and close my wait list at the end of this month.  It's become really long again, so I just need to focus on clearing most of it before I can reopen it again.  If  you know of anyone who would like a reading, please have them contact me via my website before Dec. 31 with the following information:

1. Name
2. Email
3. Cell phone #
4. Type of session (mediumship or guidance/Tarot)
5. Length of session (30 minute or 45-60 minute)

The last time I closed my list, I still had people calling and leaving their info for "whenever it opens."  I simply cannot add to the list I already have, but will definitely let you all know when I reopen it.  Thanks for your patience!  :)

At this point, my list probably goes into late spring or so.  Again, if you are looking for an in-person mediumship session and don't want to wait, you can always contact Lisa Boslett at

Over the next few weeks, I'll be planning some new classes again and maybe even a few webinars.  I have to look into a user friendly webinar site first!  I'll be announcing classes here on my blog and on my facebook page as well.

I will try to blog again soon, but if I don't, have a wonderful holiday season!  Be kind, smile and stay stress free.  :)

Barb xx

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Winter Bazaar & a Black Friday/Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday... whatever... SALE!


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

For any local folks, I'll be doing a Winter Bazaar in Haymarket at Ronald Reagan Middle School next Saturday, Dec. 3 from 10 - 5pm!  There are a bunch of cool vendors attending so it's a great way of getting a little shopping done!  Here's the link to their website with a listing of all vendors!

Also, just a quick blog to let you know that I'm holding a big sale on EVERY item in my shop through 11/30!  Even the sale section!

Choose a piece (or more!) and when you checkout, just add coupon code BLACKFRIDAY16 and get 20% OFF the entire order!

I've been busy and have added many new pieces just in time for the holidays!  Some have already been snatched up.  :)  Click the link below to visit my shop!

Thanks so much and hope you have a lovely holiday season!

Barb xx

Friday, October 7, 2016

October Update


Before anything, my heart goes out to all who have been and will be affected by Hurricane Matthew.  I believe they are all about 1/2 way into the storm and much flooding is to be expected.  Please stay safe!

I've received a ton of emails and calls to be added to my wait list, so thank you!  The list is rather long now, and I'm in the process of booking people for October, November and December.

A couple of things to mention:

*If you've received an email or call from me trying to book, please get back to me ASAP!  I have left a number of voice messages and sent emails with some not responding.  If I don't hear from you within a few days, I'll need to move to the next person.

*You do not have to do anything to be on my list except to either email or leave a voice message with the following info:
- first name
- email address
- cell number
- what type session you'd like (mediumship or guidance/tarot)
- what length session (30 minute or 45-60)
If you've already done this, you are on the list.

*I am taking names for in-person sessions only.  Readings are held on Friday's from 3 - 5 in Chantilly, VA.

*If you want a session sooner you may consider contacting Lisa Boslett instead.  She's one of my prior students and now is a full time medium.  She works out of the same office in Chantilly, VA that I do.


I've had some people ask what festivals I'll be doing this fall, but I'm not quite sure yet.  Most of these are juried.  I've applied to several and am waiting to hear whether I can participate or if they already have too many jewelry vendors.  If I made anything else besides jewelry, these shows would be easy to get into, but jewelry vendors are a dime a dozen and most festivals don't want to have too many of one type of vendor.  Some shows are also REALLY expensive to participate in.  These are things I'm learning while trying to sell my pretties!  :/

Depending on the weather, if it doesn't rain, I'll be a vendor at Centreville Day on October 15 from 10am - 4pm.  This is apparently a teeny festival, but it's close to my home, so what the heck.  :D  Come out and keep me company, unless it rains and then I'll be home snuggling with my puppies!

I've also applied to Richmond Craft Mania's Handmade Holiday 2016 on December 3 and 4th and All Crafts Considered in DC at the NPR Building on Tuesday, Nov. 15 from 3pm to 8pm.  I'll let you know if I'm accepted to those.

As always, you can always find my jewelry on Etsy at, BUT, in a few days I'll be launching a brand new landing page which will be easy for you to find my jewelry anytime!  I just have to figure out how to connect my domain to the completed website, lol.!   Here's a preview!

As far as everything else, everyone's good.  I haven't, and won't see much of my husband until after the election is over as he works in one of the Virginia's electoral offices and is working TONS of hours trying to get ready.  I think we all can't wait for this election to be over, though.  Am I right??  :D  The boys are good.  Brady is doing well in his classes at NOVA and Bren and I are still riding the Green Day concert high after seeing them play at the 9:30 Club in DC on Monday.  Thanks to the hubby for driving as I'd get hopelessly lost in DC!  The pups are crazy itchy from the change in season, so they've been on Benadryl twice a day with a side treat of coconut oil which seems to be helping.  The Madam is going to the vet probably in the next week or two to have a check up and to see if she's OK to spay.  We've been saving up for it and unfortunately have to do it as female bunnies have an 80% chance of developing uterine cancer.  She's older, so we're a little worried, but it has to be done soon.  Yes, I'll be a wreck!

I think that's it!  I keep forgetting to blog and will try to do so more, but do keep checking back, and if you haven't already please subscribe.  I'll be adding some small classes soon, too!

Have a lovely weekend!
Barb xx

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Halloween Event Items and Office Items for Sale! Pick up in Centreville, VA

For my Northern Virginia friends!

If you've been to my Halloween event, you've probably seen much of what I've posted.  For the last 10 years, I've held an annual Halloween event at a hotel and have been collecting items throughout that time. Some items I just bought last year, some I've had for a while and show more wear. I'll add the condition in each description. I've looked up the retail price of each item and basically, every item is way lower than 1/2 price!

If you're local, you can find the links to the online yardsales where I have these listed below:

HALLOWEEN PARTY FRIENDS! If anyone is interested in any of my Halloween Event decorations/items, I have most of them listed on three local online yard sales here on FB. Please let me know! I have about 23 items/lots/pairs up!

If you've been to my office, you'll recognize the pretty wings for sale on Craigslist and my wicker table/chest.  Links below:
Besides selling my Halloween stuff, I'm also selling my huge angel wings and wicker chest/table from my office.

Just wanted to put the word out there!  If you can't see the items on the yardsales, you'll just need to request to be in the group.

Have a great evening!
Barb xx

Friday, September 9, 2016

September News and Updates

Hi everyone!

I hope you had an awesome summer!  As always, it just flies by.  I was kind of disappointed with this one as it was just SO incredibly hot.  No gym, no dog walks, in fact I didn't do much... just stayed inside as much as possible with the kids and fur babies.  Oh, and I made lots of new jewelry.  :)

I am SO glad the Reston market didn't work out - a blessing in disguise as I probably would have skipped most of them because of all the heat waves.  Bleh.   I know I'm not alone in saying that I can't wait for the cooler fall weather!

So, school is back in session for both boys.  One's at NOVA and one is a Junior in high school.  I'm trying to get used to keeping schedules straight, including the Madam's, so everything is scheduled around the family schedule, if that makes sense.  Getting more and more confusing.

I am still trying to line up some art festivals/fairs, but I will be at the South Riding Fall Festival on September 24 from 12 - 6pm.  If you're local, come by and see me!

Regarding readings, I have given up and opened my wait list again.  lol.  I explained in my newest website update and tried to copy it from my website to here but it didn't work.

You can read the update HERE.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Barb xx

Monday, August 22, 2016

Quick Update on Sessions

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your patience in waiting for a new wait list to open.  I am still trying to clear my first waitlist and have a few more people to schedule.  I have had quite a few people calling leaving their information and asking for an appointment, anyway.  I have written you all down, but  I simply cannot officially open another waitlist yet.  Please wait until I announce on here that I'm reopening my list.  I just want to be fair to everyone!

On another note, I will be booking in-person appointments only and am no longer conducting phone sessions.  Again, I will be sure to notify you here and on my website/FB when the list re-opens - hopefully in September sometime.  

*If you've already left your information, you're on the list to call.  

Thanks again for your patience!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jammin' Java August 7 & Extending My Sale!

Hi there!

Just a real quick update to let anyone local know that I will be at Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA on Sunday, August 7 from 2 - 8 selling my jewelry. This is a great venue (music, yummy food, bar, etc.) and the event not only supports the local art/music community, but proceeds from the ticket sales will be going to The Water Project!

The Water Project's efforts allow more time for children to get an education and creates time to make a living instead of spending hours fetching water, which creates a brighter future.  It prevents diseases from dirty water, improving health, and allows food to grow, which cuts down on hunger.

In order for me to be allowed to participate, I need to sell at least FIVE tickets which are only $5.00/ea, so please consider purchasing a ticket(s) online, helping an awesome cause, having some yummy food and meeting a bunch of artisans/musicians, etc!  I'll also have new pieces of my sterling silver hand made jewelry available for purchase!  :)

You can find out more information on The Water Project here.

*PLEASE let me know if you've purchased tickets so I can let the organizer know, thank you!*

I've also extended my Fourth of July sale to Friday, so take advantage of that coupon code JULY4 soon if you like something from my shop!  If you use the coupon code at checkout, you get 15% OFF any piece!  

Thanks for reading and hope to see some locals on August 7!  :D

Barb xx

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Fourth! Updates...

Happy 4th, everyone!
Around here, it's supposed to be a pretty soggy one, boo.  It's ok, though.  This year the hubs finally decided not to do bigger fireworks, or really any at all.  It really bothers the dogs, especially Sam, so the last few years I've stayed in with them to calm them down.  This year will be another game night for the boys, possibly a little grilling and chillaxing.  :)

With July 4th, comes a.... SALE!  I've added 12 new pieces of jewelry (some left over from the Reston market as explained below), so there's a variety of prices available.  All you need to do is add coupon code JULY4 in the box at checkout and get 15% off your order!  This applies to ANY piece in my shop, so if you've been eyeing something, get it cheaper!  Yay!

Happy Anniversary, Sammy!
One of my "facebook memories" popped up and it was a video from July 1, 2012.  It was of Sam the day we brought him home from Jackie's house.  The video shows Sammy as a pup of 12 weeks jumping all over Maggie trying to chew on her ears.  Maggie was all over him, too, and we were so worried she'd hurt him.  Flash forward to 70 lb Sam today!  Dog of steel, for sure!  :)  Happy adoption day, Sam!

Reston Market
Thanks to everyone who came out to see me at the Reston market.  It was so good to see all of you and such a surprise!  Unfortunately, this turned out to be something we no longer wanted to do.  The last time we were there, the husband and wife organizers were ridiculously rude and demeaning to us about where and when we were to set up.  Very unorganized.  I spent a good amount of money to receive a "reserved" space and never received it... instead we were talked down to and made to feel like idiots, especially by the husband.  So, we told them we wouldn't be back and asked for a refund.  Two weeks later, we received it, thank goodness, but it was a very uncomfortable situation, for sure.  Wouldn't recommend it, local jewelry peeps.

Future Markets
The fall seems to be "the" time for craft and art festivals, so that's what I'm shooting for, but so far I'll be exhibiting my jewelry at the following events:

-Jamming Java, Vienna, VA - August 7 from 2 - 8pm.  This event also benefits The Water Project

-South Riding Fall Festival - South Riding, VA - September 24 from 12 - 6.

-W.T. Woodson Holiday Happenings - Fairfax, VA November 5 - 10am - 3pm.

 More to come, hopefully!

Mediumship News
I really doubt I'll be having a Halloween Event this year... I just haven't had the time to find a new place, and it's a serious amount of work to put on.  Still thinking about it, though.  I am considering a small 25 person event, but again I need to find a new place.  If you know of anything, please let me know!  :)

I will be holding a Psychic Development Workshop sometime in the fall, so if you're interested, please contact me to let me know.  I'm thinking mid-October or so.

As far as my wait list is concerned, I'm slowing moving through it and will be making more calls to book for August very soon.  Those who have expiring gift certificates, don't worry about it.  I'll be calling soon and will get you in even if it's after the expiration date.

Thank you to everyone on my wait list for your patience!  :)

I think that's it for now!  Happy 4th of July.  Have a safe one!

~Barb xx

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wait List Update

Hi everyone!

So, my wait list has become pretty long and unfortunately I've decided that I really need to close the list for a while to catch up.

*If you've left your information prior to today (6/1/16), you are already on the list and I'll call soon.  My next batch of calls will be mid-late June.

I'm hoping to re-open the list in August or September and be sure to notify you via my website, this blog and my facebook page, so please check back soon!

Again, if you're looking for a session sooner, you may want to consider Lisa Boslett who is one of my former students and has opened her own practice in Chantilly (my office mate, too). 

Thanks so much for your patience!

~Barb xx

Friday, May 27, 2016

HOT Reston Market TOMORROW and quick update

Hi there!

Just a quick note that if you're in the Virginia area, I will be selling my jewelry at the Reston Market at Lake Anne in Reston, VA tomorrow from 9 - 1.  It's a really pretty area with lots of vendors, including a farmers market in the front parking lot.  They even have a brewery, which is where my husband will be for some of the time, haha.

I've been working hard in the last two weeks and have added new bracelets, earrings and necklaces!  My prices range from only $5 to $140, so lots to choose from!  :)

We will be near the water under either a blue or green tent, so come by and say HI!  Oh, and please don't judge... if you see a tall redhead running around screaming and flailing her arms in the air and dripping with sweat, it's just me.  Bees and heat = very uncomfortable melting Barb.  Doing outside shows is not my thing, but I have to do it.  I'll have my mint bee repellent handy, too!

Update on sessions:
My wait list has become super long.  I'm so honored and grateful that so many of you want to have a session with me, so thank you.  :)  This said, I may need to close the list for a while to catch up and possibly re-open it in the fall.  I'm not sure about this yet, so if you're interested, go ahead and leave your info at 703.474.2227 and I'll add you to the list.  If you're looking for a session sooner, consider Lisa Boslett who is one of my former students and has opened her own practice in Chantilly (my office mate, too).

Again, if you've called and left your information, you ARE on the list and I'll be contacting you as soon as space opens up.  Thanks so much for your patience!

Ok!  Back to packing my display up.  If you're in the area, come by and say hi tomorrow!  :)

~Barb xx

Monday, May 23, 2016

Upcoming Markets and News

Hello from what I think is Seattle, WA rather than Northern Virginia as it's literally rained for more than two weeks.

I. am. so. sick. of. it.  I know I'm not alone!  All of our plants are waterlogged and because we have a ginormous tree in our back yard, we have algae on the deck.  As careful as I was yesterday, I took a pretty big spill on it.  It's like water on ice mixed with some oil even.  WHAM.  Some very pretty bruises, and a little sore, but it's ok.

The dogs have also had it.  They will NOT go out in the rain, and if they do, it's because they just can't cross their legs any longer, lol.  The rain needs to move ON already!

Barb the Medium news:
I have a nice wait list going and if you've called and left a message, you are ON the list!  What I've decided to do (with some exceptions) is to book a month up and then call at the end of that month for the following month.  This is because I don't know about show schedules, yet and I don't want to have to reschedule or rearrange session appointments.  So, if you haven't heard from me today or this week, you may hear from me at the end of June.  This is also depending on if I hear back from the folks I've called.  I left messages and if I don't hear back in the next day or two, I'll go to the next person on the list.

I'm trying to be as fair as I can, so bear with me!  :)

Barb the Silversmith news:
Weather permitting, I'll be at the Reston Market this Saturday (28th) from 9 - 1pm.  I'll have new pieces out from $5 up to $140, so a big range.  I'm trying to bring more lower priced items, but I know there are some folks like me who like the bigger and chunkier pieces, too!

The Reston Market is at Lake Anne and we are right by the steps of the lake.  Come see us!  :)
*If it's raining, I will NOT be there!*

For those of you who live near South Riding, I'll be doing the Fall Festival there.  Looks like a fun show with lots of vendors and beer.  LOL!  That event is September 24 from 12-6.

Hope you all are doing great!  Oh, it stopped raining!

~Barb xx

Update - FIVE minutes later.... didn't stop raining.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Reston Market!

Hi all!

For anyone local and interested, I'll be at (wait, knock on wood it doesn't rain!) the Reston Market tomorrow, May 14 from 9 - 1 with all my sterling silver handmade jewelry! 10% off of everything for the Reston shows. Come see me and the hubby - not sure where we'll be... it's our first time. :D  

The market runs every weekend. I won't be there every time, but I will be sure to post here and on my FaceBook pages when I'll be around!

Hope to see you there!
Barb xx

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mother's Day Special and My Last Sessions

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know that I have a Mother's Day special going until Friday, May 6! You can use the coupon code MOMSDAY while checking out for a 15% OFF discount on every item (even sale items), and on top of that, I'll upgrade your standard shipping to priority!

I have lots of goodies to choose from, so if you're interested, go take a LOOK!

Check out my Etsy store HERE!  :)

Saturday was my last official day as a full-time medium and it still hasn't really hit me yet.  I'm normally off Sunday's, most Monday's and Tuesdays, so I think it'll hit me more on Wednesday.  I'm now trying to figure out my daily schedule, and it's a little weird after almost 20 years of scheduling clients on certain days.  

As far as my last few sessions go, I couldn't have asked for more wonderful clients with amazing spirit people.  One was a beautiful little 5 year old girl who had so much energy that I could barely keep up!  She brought through so much information and so many messages for her wonderful parents... it was truly a beautiful way to "sorta" end one journey and move into a new one.  I'll never forget that little girl.  :)

I'm still trying to finalize my future schedule, so if you're interested in a session, please give me a call at 703.474.2227.  Just leave your name and number... I'll be making a list of all calls and messages and will be getting back to folks towards the end of May, and in the order I received your call.    

Hope you have a wonderful week!
Barb xx

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Little Update...


SOOO, I realized that I haven't blogged in a bit and here it is a month later!

Not much really going on except that I've been really busy with clients since this is my last month working as a medium "full-time."  It's interesting the responses I've been getting... some clients have been really supportive and happy that I'll get to spend much more time working with my jewelry.  Others have been rather upset at me.  I've had a few people say, "WHY won't you share your gift anymore?  How can you do that?"  Well, thank you, but I AM and will be!  I just find that the older I get, the less energy I have to do sessions.  Other people have been really irritated that they can't call to book until the end of May or so.  Truth is, I don't want to even think about work for about a month and this is why I've asked for folks to call me later in May.  Mama just needs a break.  :)  Plus, I'm not totally sure about my schedule yet.  I've had people ask me if I can put them on the list to book first or can they pay now to get a session earlier.  Nope.  Just please call me in late May, thanks!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my clients and the work I do, I just need to clear my head a bit.  Thank you so much for understanding.  :)

One thing I meant to mention is that I AM still selling my gift certificates, so if you want to purchase one for someone, you can do so from my site.  There is a 6 month expiration date, so make sure they know not to wait until the 5 month mark or so to book.  And again, if you purchase one, just call me at the end of May, lol.  Also, you will notice that my fee had gone up a bit.  I haven't raised my reading fees for about 8 - 9 years and because I'll have such limited spaces, I felt I had to a bit.  I'll be doing 45-60 minute sessions at $200, and 30 minute sessions at $150.

On the jewelry side of things, I'm finding that it's harder to get into shows being a jewelry person!  There are SO many jewelers that you have to apply really early, otherwise they just have too many jewelry vendors and shows won't take you.  Hmmm... well, at least I learned early.  I'll need to apply now for the Holiday shows.  I can't wait, though.  They are so fun!

For those of you who are local, I'll be at the Reston Market every other Saturday or so from 9 - 1pm.  This is a really cool market with tons of artsy things from all over.  It runs from May 7 to November 5.  Here's a bit from their website ( :

The Reston Market runs every week from the 1st Saturday of May through the 1st Saturday of November. Join us for an eclectic gathering of the best the region has to offer, from the freshest locally grown produce at the Farmers Market to the exotic imports from all over the world!

So, if you're local, come by and see me!  I will have a reserved space, but will not be there every single week, especially if it's pouring or really hot, so just pop me an email and I'll let you know if I'll be there.  :)

Oh, and you can now find me at SIMPLY...!  Much easier than trying to find me on Etsy!  Stop by and check out the new pieces I have listed!  :)

Thats all for now!  Hoping you are all doing great!

Happy Thursday!
~Barb xx

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Meet Blade and the Bunny Mani/Pedi

Told you I'd be blogging more!  At the present time, the Madam Bun Bun is running by my feet and jumping on the couch trying to get my attention.  Ok, now the diva is nudging my ankle.  Time for attention, hoooman!  Bunnies NUDGE you with their boomplesnoots if they want you to pay attention to them, and sometimes, pretty hard!

Ok, she's fine now.  So today, I got two cool things in the mail.  One was an oval template to saw out saddle rings from Cabtopia on Etsy.  They sell tons of templates for stone cutting and for metal cutting.  Really cool.  THEN....

... this came!

"What the hell???" my husband said confused, as he saw it constructed.  And then after I told him what it was, "this is turning into a mechanics shop."  I've named him "Blade."  Yes, I name my tools, or a lot of them.  LOL!

Don't be jealous, hubs.  I have more tools than you, sorry, and mine are way cooler.  Silversmiths.  Need.  Everything.

Hubs has been super supportive.  He watched me take over 1/2 of our basement, has carried in super heavy tools such as my rolling mill (his Christmas present to me), benches and he took me to go get my first big girl tank, "Tank," which replaced my little hand-held butane torch.  :)  He was the one who told me that he knew I was a more tired with my mediumship work and because of his new job, I could now cut back if I wanted to.

I think I'll keep him.  :D

UPDATE:  This was written last night, as the bunz was ultra needy, probably because she sensed she'd be going to the vet today to get her mani/pedi.  Poor little thing.  We had to stay at the vet longer because she was really panting and breathing fast after her two minute nail trim.  She refused to let me take her out of her house until 10pm (normally 8:30), and now she's ignoring me, but giving Mike kisses.  Sheeze, guess she's mad at me, lol!

Tomorrow is client day, so I don't think I'll have time to make any pretties, but I'm going to try!  I have a few cuff and bangle ideas to try.  I've applied to the Richmond Spring Bada Bing for April 16, and hopefully I'll get to go!  Two perks with that... I get to see the Boo and sell some jewelry!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Last Newsletter Post Response & Available Appointments

Hi everyone!

So, this is my second post of the day... I'm trying to get re-familiarized with Blogger, so bear with me!  First, I'm trying to "pretty" up my blog site, so it's a work in progress.  :D  It only took me 3 hours to make a header, lol.  Now, I think I want to change it already. :/  

UPDATE at 11:30pm:  Just did.  I'm OCD, you know.  lol.  I think I like the new header and background better.  :D

Second, I've had many people respond to my newsletter looking for an appointment.  Thank you so much for your interest!  The April 6 date has been taken, so as of now, I am completely booked through April 30. I'm taking the month of May off completely, but WILL be booking clients for June and after.  If you're interested in an in-person session, please give me a call sometime in May and we can see where we can put you in!

And finally, I've had so many sweet emails and comments saying that they were sad and felt this was "the end of an era."  Seriously... quite a few!  So heartwarming - thank you, truly.  Just cutting way back, folks, and changing the way I book and connect with you.  Shifting the energy to better align with where I am now.  :)

Have a wonderful week and talk soon!

Oh, here's a pic of the Madam's feet and bunny butt... you're welcome!  :D  Have a great evening!

-Barb  xx

Back to Blogging!

If you are one of my newsletter subscribers and you're checking out my blog, THANK YOU!  I'll be posting regularly, so please subscribe.  If you are just randomly here, thank you, too!

This is just a quick update as my last post was three years ago, and I didn't want you to think you were in the wrong place.  :)

Here is my latest and last newsletter!  See you soon!