Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Silver Rattie Paw Day


Today has been a busy day, and it's only 3:15.  Still need to hit the shower, believe it or not, and then to the store for snacks for tomorrow's Psychic Development Workshop #2.  This is the workshop where I get to see everyone's little lightbulb go off during student readings like, "whoaaa… that's cool… I am doing this!!!"  There are always a few in the workshop who struggle or just can't get anything, but that's completely normal, especially when it's hard to focus and they're comparing themselves to others in the class.  Once they get home and work on the exercises in their own space, it really does come pretty quickly.  ;)  So, I still need to get ready for my class.

This morning after addressing emails, etc., I just couldn't resist the pleading of the left over little blob of Precious Metal Clay I had left in my studio.  "Barrrrrb!  I'm still here… come make me into something."  Okayyy, twist my arm.

I've been thinking of an idea about working with pet prints in the PMC.  Not big ones, but the prints of the little guys like rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc.  The reason why is because we fall head over heels in love with our little tiny furry souls, yet they only live 2 - 3 years.  Rats, especially are SO social, loving and smart, it's like having a mini dog, but most dogs live upwards to 15-20 years.  Rats live up to maybe 3.  It was more than heartbreaking when Penny our first rat passed, and it'll be equally heartbreaking when our elder Abbey goes, and then Sadie at some point.  Bleh, don't want to think about it.

I've been eyeing the three clay paw prints of my passed animals for months; Mac our beloved long-haired hamster, Blue our Australian Shepherd dog and Penny the wise and loving rat.  I really wanted to capture our rat, Abbey's print before she passes… I like that idea, knowing that she was alive and well when we took the print - happy memories, but I didn't want to disturb her from her deep daytime slumber.  I decided to use the clay mold of our passed Penny instead.  This rat was like another child, in a way for my husband.  She was "his" rat - really attached to him, so I thought I'd make him a permanent silver paw print.  The cool thing is that because her paw was smooshed into the clay after she passed (and then the clay was set like a mold in the oven), when I smooshed the PMC into her paw print it came out feeling just like her little paw.  I haven't felt that paw since I was able to hold her for the last time in the vet's office.  That was a nice feeling and I'm sure my husband will feel the same way.

So, I dried the clay piece, filed it, fired it and oxidized it and now it's a little 1" by 1" fine silver memory for my husband to put on his key chain or on a neck chain.  I'm going to order more PMC along with some non-toxic silicone and offer these to the public via my Etsy store - especially for the crazy rat lovers like us.  They will simply take the non-toxic silicone, smoosh the rattie foot in gently (or very small dog, cat, ferret, mouse, hamster, iguana, gerbil, etc.), let it dry and send it back to me.  Then, I'll do my thing here and create their piece.  :)

Here's how I made Penny's footprint.

And, here's some pics (click on them to zoom)!  Oh, and I've added better pics of the PMC'd ring (called Here Comes The Sun).  It's now up on my Etsy store!  Go see!

Have a great rest of the day!

Penny's Silver Paw Print

Here Comes The Sun Ring


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