Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Changing Blog Spots and Other Stuff...

Happy Wednesday!

Just a quick heads-up.  I changed my blog site to Blogger because there seems to be so many more options as opposed to Wordpress.  Plus, Wordpress is confusing, especially for my simple brain.  So, I'm here!  I'm going to post a few of my old blogs, so don't get confused, yourself.  :)

Baby Snickers
Baby Baby Snickers
As for today, it stormed for a while (love it!) and now the sun is out.  Had a few phone sessions and am catching up on email.  My pup is curled up on the chair sleeping waiting for the kids to get home from school.  I've seen both "Baby Baby Snickers" the grandchild of Snickers and son of Baby Snickers today (if you don't know the story of my squirrels, especially Snickers click here! ) and his teeny gray sibling, both looking for peanuts and becoming more comfy in my back yard.  These were the babies who looked like mink stoles on their mama's necks while she was transporting them to a new tree.  Too cute.  :)  Anyway...

Woke up to see that I'd sold my one of my newer pieces in my Etsy Store, my Poe Heart necklace, yay!  There's nothing more fun than someone purchasing something you've created.  Waking up to an "Etsy Transaction" email saying I sold something makes me just too happy and inspires me to think of new ideas.  Think I'll create more "gothic" Halloween inspired pieces this week... seems to be in the air.

Speaking of Halloween, I've added a gadget with the event over there to the right.-->  We are already more than 1/2 way sold out, so if you're thinking of attending, better register SOON!  This will be a really fun event.  If you don't know about it or want to register, click here.

Ok, time to get other work done!

Catch ya later!

UPDATE 3:45pm: A little ghetto news… my sons' school was put on lockdown today because a man walked into his school with a gun.  A GUN???  Holy shite.  Police were there already (not sure why??) and arrested him out in front of the school.  More as soon as I find out.  Very scary stuff…

UPDATE 6:45pm:  Apparently it was a robbery which occurred near the school.  Police were already at the school because the suspect had a gun.  He was arrested either in or right in front of the school.  Crazy people.

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