Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Switch On, Switch Off

NOTE from Oct. 09:  I'm pulling a few blogs from my old Wordpress blog.  Yep, you've probably read this before.  If  not, enjoy!

One of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “do you see dead people all the time?”  OR, ”when you’re in the produce section at the grocery store, do you see dead people hanging around their live people?”  I don’t know why, but when people think about a grocery store, they always think the produce section first, so I get that scenario in their question quite a bit. 

The answer is no.  But can you imagine?  That would drive me crazy (not that I’m not a little crazy, anyway).

You see, first of all, I don’t SEE dead people, which I prefer to call “spirit people.”  They’re still people but just in spirit form instead.  I have seen full manifestations of spirit, but it’s a rare occurence for me (as cool as it is).  Normally, when I’m in my linking mode, I feel a spirit energy first and where they are in the room, and then I’ll start to hear sentences, music, names, information about them, as well as see symbols pertaining to them.  I don’t just see a spirit person hanging around their physical person here.  That said, I do very often see them in my mind’s eye during readings, but not as a 3-D type image that you see on shows like “Ghost Whisperer” or “Medium”.

No, I don’t bump into spirit people at the grocery store or when dining out, UNLESS I CHOOSE to tune in to a person.  The thing is, I need my time off, too.  I’m sure if an accountant has spent all day crunching numbers, the last thing he/she wants to do is sit down in the grocery store and do someone’s taxes.  I choose to close down, and most mediums will tell you that this is how it works for them too.  I’ve heard John Holland say something to the extent, “it would take an awfully strong spirit to get my attention when I’m not working.”  Exactly, and to be ON all of the time would be incredibly draining.

Besides that, one of the rules I try to stick to is not to read someone unless they ask me to.  There are many mediums out there who do, and that’s fine for them, but I’ve found that it’s not the best thing.  I remember standing in line one time at the local McDonald’s and while waiting, accidentally slipping into that attuning  mode.  I clearly saw an elderly spirit woman standing behind her husband (who was oblivious, of course, to her being there) just peacefully reading the paper and eating his hamburger.  Can you imagine if I walked up to him and said, “hey, please don’t be scared, but your wife is standing behind you and says…”    For some, it would be incredibly unnerving and shocking.  This happens with me here and there, and it’s not always that the spirit person has the needto communicate anything – I’m just sensitive to their energy and am a witness to what’s happening on its own – I happened to pick up on this man’s passed wife who was just visiting her husband for a bit.

When I AM about to link to spirit and take clients, I shift my gears energy-wise.  I sit and meditate, breathe, expand my consciousness and attune to spirit.  When finished, I “close myself down”, if you will, and return to my regularly scheduled broadcast of Barb’s Wacky Life, which is what I’m off to do right now.

Enjoy your evening, too!


  1. Thanks! I'm blessed to be able to do this work, but I know we all have abilities… just need to tap into it! :)

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