Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm A High-Maintenance Animal Magnet

All I have to say is…


Case(s) in point.

Penny the rat got into a fight with Abbey the rat.  Her eye was injured which resulted in surgery to remove her eye, which resulted in buying a tank to watch her in because she had to stay away from Abbey, add in meds, more meds, more meds and no vacation.  Then the poor girl had a tumor and Myco, so it was all about being the “Mallon hospital for rats” – all for her.

We lost poor Penny in March and thought Ms. Sadie could be Abbey’s new friend.  She is a pretty little white pink-eyed rat, but Abbey is old and set in her ways, so she would have none of this Sadie chick.  This resulted in purchasing another $100 cage with all of the same amenities Abbey had.  They still can’t get near each other which makes it difficult to travel, to let them out at night (they have to have separate parts of the house to run)… basically they have separate everything.  I feel badly for Sadie because she wants to be Abbey’s friend so bad, but it’s like a 7th grader wanting to be best friends with a Senior in HS.  NOT going to happen.

Recently we adopted this beautiful pit bull/lab pup who was SUPPOSED to have all her tests, shots, etc.  We brought her home and after about a week, her incision from her spaying started to become infected, she was itching like crazy (allergies, not fleas), was not housebroken as we were told, needed more vaccinations and  had to be put on a ton of meds to get her back on track… um, $600 later (actually $800 with her adoption fee included) we have a very irritated pup with an e-collar.  Not what we expected.

Even my squirrels are high maintenance.  Our Snickers hurt his eye somehow, so it was antibiotics for him for two weeks, but damn if he didn’t show 15 out of 17 days for his jelly bread antibiotic sandwich!

Collar of Shame...
No, I wouldn’t trade these furry souls in for low maintenance ones… I GUESS (kidding).  :D  I say this as Maggie is trying desperately to chew off her e-collar.  Ugh.  It’s going to be a longggg week.


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