Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Day in the Life of “Mom the Medium”

NOTE:  From Oct. 09 - I'm pulling a few blogs from my old Wordpress blog.  Yep, you've probably read this before.  If  not, enjoy!

It’s funny.  People often think that a psychic or a medium’s daily life is somehow different from the typical person’s on the street.  Like we have some advantage over situations and events and everything just runs ohhh soooo smoothly.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s not uncommon for me to wake up to dog poop/vomit, or have to shampoo my elderly dog after she’s urinated all over herself in her sleep (not before she’s shaken all the pee off herself onto me).  I, like many now, have to choose the bills I’m able to pay and quickly pay them over the phone before something gets cut off.  My HUGE clean laundry pile is presently all over my couch waiting to be folded, but I’m blogging instead (I hate that stupid laundry monster).  I had to put down our beloved long-haired hamster, Mac not long ago because he had tumors in his liver and kidneys, and promising my son, I stayed with sweet little Mac while the vet gave him his shots (and, by the way, it is NOT the same as putting down larger animals.  I don’t think I could go through watching that again.).  My one son calls me the “meanest mom in the world” on a daily basis because I won’t give him a “free day” from school so he can play video games instead.  This is the same child who we nearly have to drag to school and makes himself late daily (those tardies are gonna teach him, eventually).  Then, I have to play the “calmer downer” for the 12 yr old, while he gets completely overwhelmed about the insane amount of homework he sometimes has, which takes up about 2 hours for both of us some days (I will say, though, that I am getting quite a refresher course on various Junior High subjects… so it can’t be that bad!).  

See?  Just like with everyone, ”(insert curse word) happens.”  Oh, and I could go on for HOURS, but that laundry monster is now yelling at me from upstairs.

Ah, I hear you all saying, “but if she were REALLY psychic, she’d know things were going to happen and prevent it.”  Nope.  Why?  Because we’re all here to learn and travel down that unknown path.  Confronting and accepting our contracts, making the best choices we can, and scraping along like everyone else.  Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes, not so much.

One of the Universe’s little jokes for most psychics is that we can’t really read ourselves well.  Not funny, Universe, but most psychics will tell you that we just don’t receive information about ourselves in the same way we do for our clients.  We know ourselves too well, are too biased and therefore, our brain gets in the way clouding most info coming in.  That’s why most psychics/mediums have their own favorite psychic or medium to call, hehe… it’s true!

That said, I DO get a “heads-up” or a ”mini premonition” many times in my dream state.  Unfortunately, it’s not the earth-shattering information/help I’d like (hey Universe, lotto numbers would be really cool, by the way, JK.).  One example of the many mini premonitions I’ve had:  not long ago, I had a quick dream that my youngest was going to throw up.  I awoke immediately knowing I had to bolt to the closet and grab the puke bucket.  Thankfully for all involved, the bucket was under that boys chin not 5 seconds before he let it all out.  So, actually, that IS pretty earth-shattering, isn’t it?   I can’t think of one person who really wants to clean up vomit all over a bed and a child at 3am… especially if you have an awful gag reflex like me. 

So, you see… we aren’t so different at all.  With that, I’m off to tackle that damn laundry monster who JUST won’t shut up.  Have a great Saturday!


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