Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Expanding Horizons

Hi everyone!

Yep, I suck at keeping up with my blogging, but that’s going to change.  And there are a few reasons why, which I’ll get into later.  While you read these, however, please keep in mind that I really don’t feel the need to gramatically correct anything, heh.  I think that’s part of my problem.  I can be so worried about how a sentence is being written that I just decide not to write anything.  Anywhoo…

So, for those who follow my pages on Facebook, you’ll know that I’ve recently (as of December) started back up my jewelry business.  About 16/15 years ago, I had a website and created and sold more metaphysically/spiritually inspired jewelry.  Little, unobstructive pretties with gemstones, charms and chain.  I really loved it and since many weren’t really creating much metaphysical jewelry, I did pretty well.  At the same time, I was feeling incredibly pulled to expand and work with my own intuitive abilities and well, the rest is history.  I’ve been a spiritual medium since then and love my work tremendously.  It’s something that has always fed my soul and brought joy to me and my clients.  What could be better?  Welllll…. all that said, this year or so I’ve found myself feeling a bit burned out.  I don’t work a “regular” job; taking clients is the only way I help to pay bills.  Because of the economy and my husband having a very hard time finding full time work (he finally did, phew), it’s been more about “having” to work rather than “wanting” to work.  Before, I was helping with the bills and taking care of the kids, but these past few years it’s been more about what absolutely needs to be in money-wise in order to survive.  This brings a different energy and I’ve tried hard to harmonize my feelings about this and to stay positive.  The work I do has enabled me to have an extremely flexible schedule, to be home for my kids and be there whenever they need me, so I’m very blessed and grateful, but… I really wanted to bring into my life something more creative, as well.  This is something that comes through for my clients all of the time.  Balance, harmonize, bring joy into your life.

After many months of thinking about it, I finally went down to the basement and found my two huge boxes of gemstones and silver charms and took inventory.  TONS of things left over and I started to dabble again.  Had to find my old tools, but once I did it was like a bolt of lightening hit me.  ZAP!  I started ordering ear wires, new beads and some chain.  I created a few pieces, started an Etsy store and was having a ball… THEN, I had the idea, “hey, these earwires are just sterling wire.  I wonder if there’s a video about how to make your own earwires?”  Well, there was!  And lots of them!  Times are so different now… if you need to know how to do something, YouTube it!  I learned how to make my own earwires, and then I learned how to make my own headpins, and then what were these?  ”Balled” headpins?  What do you need to make those (and thereby saving a TON of money)… a micro torch???  Ok!  And it was about this time while hammering on a plastic table in my living room that I had the thought that this set up just wouldn’t do.  I saw how folks had (can you believe it?) JEWELERS BENCHES and bench blocks, bench pins and tools and saws and lights and containers and … SOLDER EQUIPMENT?  Nope, terrified of that, so I YouTubed it, found easy videos of how to use silver solder paste or wire and fell in love.  I’ve now gone from a Micro butane torch which I’ve used to solder much of my silver, to owning an acetylene torch (no, I haven’t used it yet… still scared… ha).  The cool thing?  My daughter just got engaged and her fiance’ is a metalsmith, so I can ask tons of questions about this scary torch, which I hear isn’t really too scary afterall.  Hmmm….

Anyway my office, where I’ve always conducted my phone sessions has now become my office/studio.  I have three workbenches (well, ok, ONE real workbench, and two tables.  Still trying to find a cheap workbench or two!) and different stations: hammering/creating, soldering, pickling and tumbling.  My basement bathroom is now where I rinse and patina my silver.  Basically, I’ve taken over 2/3 of the basement and am now trying to really “get out there” and sell more jewelry – emmm, yep, to pay for what I’ve put into it!  :D  I’ve sold many, many items, and have even created custom orders (4 of which were wedding bands, how cool is that?!?) and yes, I’m in love!

I’m getting pretty good at putting pieces together now.  Surprisingly, there are many self-taught silversmiths out there.  Eventually, I’d love to find some classes, but it’s going well and I feel I’m in it for the long run.

So, you’ll see more consistent blogs about my progress along with things I’ve learned the hard way NOT to do (um, wear shoes and natural fibers so you don’t burn yourself, derrr!).  I’ll even do a few videos of how to make certain things… this helped me so much while I’ve been learning and gave me such inspiration so I want to do the same for other newbs.

If you’d like to see some of my work you can find it at 

Go see!  Everything’s on sale until the 30th!  With that, it’s time to pull my jewelry out of the tumbler which, by the way, freaks out my new dog!

Enjoy your day!


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